How does the R2 event compare to the BB8 event?

I managed to beat tier 7 of the BB8 event today, which is great! but I didn't even realize my FO squad was strong enough to do it yet. My Empire team is currently a little stronger than my FO squad, so is it safe to assume they're ready to 7* R2 since my FO squad was able to 7* BB8? Or is there a significant difference in difficulty?

For example, I felt like the Palpatine event was less difficult than the Thrawn one. At least for me, my Empire team was weaker than my Phoenix team, but I was able to 7* Palpatine while only unlocking the 6* Thrawn.

For reference, my teams are currently at:
First Order (all 7*)
  • KRU - Lvl 84 - g8
  • FOE - Lvl 82 - g8
  • Kylo - Lvl 82 - g8
  • FOO - Lvl 80 - g8
  • Phasma - Lvl 80 - g7

Empire (all 7*)
  • Palp - lvl 84 - g10
  • Vader - lvl 84 - g10
  • TFP - lvl 84 - g8
  • RG - lvl 84 - g8
  • Tarkin - lvl 78 - g8 . <---I'll level him up long before an R2 event


  • Should be good enough, might take a couple of tries but that’s it. And on the thrawn vs palp event, the palp event is far easier than thrawn event
  • my understanding is that Thrawn is the hardest event, and R2 is second. That said, if you can use EP, Vader, and Thrawn you should be really good for R2.

    Your team for R2 looks pretty good. maybe a G9 or TFP or RG for more hp, but your emp and vader should be able to carry. Will depend on your speed.
  • Thanks. My mods are pretty lame, but I could definitely get some better ones and add some gears to TFP and RG by the time an R2 event was announced and rolled around. I think I can finally exhale and work on some other teams for a change of pace...
  • Turvantus
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    I personally found Thrawn the most difficult, with R2 trailing behind that.

    With that said, I too recently beat BB8 with laughable reqs. More than half the team was g8, some not even a single mod on them. Not a single zeta, and barely two omegas. Was weird.
  • Unless you got super uber mods on then. I think you'll still be able to beat it but it will be a struggle on the last tier for the bb8 event.
  • R2 is harder
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