Territory Battle: Hoth - Rebel Assault on 8/27 Cancelled

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Hi Everybody,

We wanted to let you know we are canceling the upcoming Territory Battle that is currently in Preview Phase. Next week, we plan to roll out an update that includes some fixes for Territory Battles. This update has a high chance of causing problems if Territory Battles is running while we make these changes. A hotfix will be deployed shortly to remove the currently scheduled Territory Battle while we determine if there is good spot in the calendar to reschedule this event for the future. We still want to give you a chance to still participate in this event if possible so please stay tuned. Our apologies that we did not catch this issue sooner, but we believe we are preventing some headaches in the future. We will keep you posted.

EDIT: We want to reiterate that we are looking into rescheduling the TB so that players can get their rewards for participating. If we cannot reschedule we will distribute rewards as we have in previous instances. The calendar will be updated next week with the updated plans.
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