CG not gonna do a thing about shard chats?



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    What a load of.bunk this is..... Being in a shard chat doesn't make you good.... It means you are weak and need help from everyone else to make sure your team doesnt get folded like a cheap lawn chair at your payout time....

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    again with these threads.
    every one that does these threads share the same thing : they are outside of shard chat.
    right now, i can already be 100% sure that OP is a bad player, that isnt top for long time, but now during an easy meta, he think he deserve a top spot without working for it.
    let me simplify this for you: you are not good enough OP. even without the shard chat, you won't get #1 spot. and you'll probably even drop further. the shard chat create order and that way everyone knows in which time they are climbing. without the chats, everyone will climb at all hours of the day, and you'll be dropped by every guy over the world... by trying to stay top as much as they can, during YOUR payout, you'll get attacked by people from Asia, America, Europe, Austraila... all together, at the same time. for real. this is what happened before the chats, and it was bad. unlike now, where you will face people from your payout +- 2 hours, kinda. because they are in chat, and they dont worry about arena during all day.
    the chats is for using less fights, simple as that. those who are in the chat, was #1 spots before it, and will continue to be #1 if suddenly no chats. its that simple. they are competitive, they are driven, and they are good. much better than you. this is why you aren't there, and they are. if you have a problem, open your own chat and contest with them. im sure you'll lose.
    you probably get chained once and then started to come and cry about it in the forums for the whole year. how about you get better, show that you can enter there, and ask for them to enter ? my bet is that they will decide that you are not good enough, and its better to waste fights on you instead of letting you in (and those are guys that are in chat to do LESS fights and conserve the peace, yea ?) but its maybe worth a shot.
    now, please, stop spam the forums with your useless threads. those who belong in the top are in the chat, and will be there even without the chat. those who aren't, mostly, dont belong in the top, and won't be there even without the chats aswell.
    really, very simple. you are just a whiny baby who isn't good enough to get an invitation to the chat (= not good enough for top spot)

    You forgot to mention that many shard groups use target lists and knock back everyone who is not member of the group. And since you seem to member of a shard group you certainly know how many people talk about outsiders. Shard groups are necessary to prevent chaotic climbing patterns and secure the maximum payout for every member. What is not ok: keeping people out even if there is no one else sharing their payout, limiting the number of members to 10 or 15 only to have an easier life, collectively "hunting" others and mocking them if they refresh only to make it to top every once in a while.

    Since you called the OP a "bad player" and a "whiny baby" I believe you are one of the rather unpleasant persons one has to be with in in a shard group. You even think about how the game would be like for you if you were not member of a shard group?

    The game really encourages people like you to show themselves from their worst side.
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    This thread was a few months old already and since it's return it's continued to be less than stellar in terms of being a respectful, civil conversation. Considering this, I'm locking it.
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