BB-8 next time around

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I will be getting BB-8(and hopefully JTR) next time around provided both events drop at the same time.

I was wondering if I have my first order toons high enough geared.

I will ofcourse get Kylo to 7*

FOO g8
FOX g8
Kylo g8
KRU g9


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    2 months And You Will be ready
    Do or don't there is no try
  • Ajes
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    Thanks. However the question is whether my gear levels are high enough. Getting Kylo to 7 stars before the next event will not be a problem.

    So Would it be enough to get Kylo to 7*, or should I also up some of the gear levels?
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    I had them all at gear level 8 and gear 7 with Phasma instead of FOX. Had to move some mods around to get speed up to close to 200 on KRU and Kylo and put an omega on KRU's halt then it was no problem. The last level was the toughest and kill order was important, Rey, VetHan, Vet Chewie, Finn then BB8 last.
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