Put in place an optional GP/PW limiter so low levels stop joining high level guilds

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Our guild has over 110.000 GP/PW, we decided to stay at 49/50 for a good reason> sometimes,like 1 in 100 we have a good member that actually has the required squads / required GP to join us and actively joins discord in conversation.

But between him there are 99 'plebs' that have no requirements to join (are either high GP but are 'collectioneer' type that have no farm planning or are too low GP and don't have anything really.)

We are wasting a lot of time kicking low level plebs (100-600k) when in the guild description it says clearly HSITH READY ,thus meaning (RJT +CHEXMIX+ NS ready) and we end up kicking them as soon as they join.

It's a tiring work,but totally worth it as we got 2 high level players (3.3 mil GP) , so this works .

But still,kicking them all day is tiring,why can't there be an minimum GP required to join our guild?

Or a minimum squad required.

Something like this.

Low level plebs have no place in our guild since we are hardcore and it's only annoying to my officers and players.


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    You can make your guild invite only.

    This way you and your hardcore 49 can have your choice of who you let in.
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