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Hello all,

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, one of our key objectives has been for players to fulfill their ultimate Star Wars fantasy by collecting characters from different Star Wars eras to master the galaxy. However, we know players like to play the game in different ways. Some are more focused on competition, some more on the collection components. Some guilds require certain rosters and squads to master the different raids, while others are seeking new yet-undiscovered mechanics by different squad makeups. All of these strategies work, and for players to have the best experience, it’s important to know what you need and how you might obtain it.

This will now be much easier to figure out with the pack probabilities information combined with the Character Release Cadence, and a number of community tools. Pack probabilities can help aid you in making decisions about what to go for and when.

Probability Overview
We’ve been working to put together information on pack probabilities across all the different packs in the store and describe it as clearly as possible. Along with sharing the specifics of our pack probabilities (and some things we’ve updated along the way), we would like to provide additional understanding around how our packs work overall.

If you’d like to skip straight to the disclosure page, it’s available here and will be direct linked from the details page of every crystal pack in the store after our TU13 client update.

If you’d like some more specific information about additional changes we have made, please read on.


Pack Probabilities Overview
  1. There are many different packs and pack types in Galaxy of Heroes, many of which have different probabilities. However, there are no “dynamic odds”. We don’t change pack probabilities or outcomes based on any player behavior or criteria.
  2. You will get something of value in every pack. However, as many of you are aware, some of our packs have low probabilities for larger amount of character shards/ship blueprints. For example, a single character marquee pack will most likely net between 5 and 7 shards (more often 7). However, there are opportunities to receive significantly higher shard counts in packs as well.
  3. The pack probabilities are not a guarantee of outcome. Every time you open a pack is an independent event. Getting a high shard count in one pack does not mean you will definitely get a low count on the next pack. The probabilities reset with every pack.
  4. We’ve taken this opportunity to improve the way a few of our packs work. As the game has evolved, we’ve found that some of the previous designs needed an overhaul. As an example, we’re doing away with the “new” and “old” character/ship distinctions, because that’s become a bit outdated and becomes excessively complicated with the more items we have in the game. The probability of getting any one character/ship within a pack will be equal across all characters/ships in a pack (unless otherwise noted). This will mainly be noticeable in Fleet Packs.
  5. Any future changes to the pack probabilities will be updated on the website, and we will make sure to draw your attention to those changes via patch notes.
We’re hoping these additional changes will provide information that improves your game experience. As always, we evaluate the probabilities alongside other game mechanics and will communicate any additional updates we make in the future.
And as always, we’ll see you on the Holotables,

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