New Characters in the stores?

I understand putting characters into hard nodes as opposed to stores is better for the revenue stream for CG/EA, but we need something to spend our currency on. If you would rather put a new scrub toon into a hard node, fine. We won't farm it until you force a panic farm on us for a future legendary. I get that. But we all have currency just sitting collecting dust. At least give us the option to spend store currency on gear if you are not going to ever release a new character farm in to the stores (Galactic War Store, Squad Arena Store, Cantina Battles Store). It's been over a year since a new character got released into anything other than hard modes or, more rarely, guild currency stores (24+ new character releases).


  • They do give you the option of spending currency on gear.. it's called buying maxed ships/ characters and converting it in the shard shop.
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