Content Update 8/29/2018 - Second Round of Mod Changes

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Over the next 24 hours we will be rolling out another big set of changes to mods! This time we’ve got tons of quality of life improvements and even managed to squeeze in a couple highly requested changes not related to mods. The changes below are being rolled out right now, and there will be one more set of patch notes for the final installment of the mods update, so stay tuned to the forums. Missed the first round of patch notes? You can find all the latest Mod news HERE!

The interface for Mods has been overhauled to be much easier and faster to use. Mod Loadouts and new filtering options will help you quickly find the Mods you are looking for and then transfer them between characters with a tap of the screen.

Need some help becoming a Mod expert? The Recommendation system will help you decide which are the right Mods for your favorite character.

  • Added Basic View for Mods
  • Improved Advanced View for Mods (similar to current view for mods)
  • Added Recommendation System for Mods
  • Added option to create, edit and save Mod Loadouts
  • New Filters for sorting Mods
  • Assign Mods already assigned to other characters
  • Added option to cycle through characters while at the Mod screen
  • Destroy Mod button removed
  • Mod leveling screen improvements
  • Facebook Account can now be used to link devices to one account
  • Change how Mod names are displayed to improve color blind accessibility
  • Secondary stat rolls are now displayed
  • Abbreviated stat names
  • Territory Wars now show players that haven't joined
  • Pack Odd can now be viewed
  • Additional Tutorials explaining the Basic view and Slicing
  • The tutorial for Unlocking Mod Battles has been updated to direct players to the Basic view
  • The difficulty of Stage 1 of Mod Battles has been reduced to help players get into Mods faster
  • Mk2 Pulse Modulator (one of the ingredients needed to convert mods from 5* to 6*) has been added to the Guild Store. This will appear after your next Guild store refresh
  • Plus many bug fixes (see below for details)


Clarity: These features are intended to make mods easier to understand and use. Currently, many players who would benefit from using mods are not using them, and we’ve heard from the community that one of the major issues is that they’re hard to understand.
  • Basic vs Advanced Views: A Basic view of mods has been created to make the introduction to the mods feature more streamlined for novice mods players. In the Basic view players can Auto Assign mods using a mod recommendation system detailed below. Additionally, the mods inventory and stats are not displayed to reduce the amount of information being served to players in Basic view. Advanced view is similar to the current mods view that is live. View mods inventory, stats, and manually assign any mods in Advanced view. The last view you had selected will be the view loaded when you return to mods.
  • Recommendation System: One of the most difficult aspects of mods is understanding which mods to put on a character. The recommendation system simplifies this by suggesting specific mod(s) from the inventory to assign. The recommendation complements the character’s battle and ability effectiveness by identifying which of the player’s mods has the best set, primary stat, and secondary stats for that character. If the player has an available mod that is a decent to perfect fit, it will be recommended; if not a find flow will identify where that mod can be found. Details on the specific stats being recommended for the current character can be viewed including how they are prioritized by the algorithm. As this system provides an all-purpose set of recommended mods, players that are experts at mod optimization will likely continue to select their own mod configurations in Advanced view (especially if the player changes mods based on the game mode).
  • Mod Auto Assign: A quick way to assign all the recommended mods for a character. When auto assigning mods, players can choose to have the algorithm also select mods that are currently assigned to specific characters allowing the best owned mods to be assigned.

Ease of Use: These features are meant for players that currently engage with mods but would like mod management to be easier.
  • Mod Loadouts: Players can now create, edit and save sets (Loadouts) of mods for re-use across characters. This is a quick way for players to swap mods onto characters for different game modes. To make the process of creating mod loadouts easy, a loadout can be created based on the mods currently assigned to a character.
  • Advanced Filters: Players can now filter their mods by a variety of criteria including slot, set, primary stat, secondary stats, rarity, and tier. This includes searching for a mod with multiple specific secondaries (ex. Mods that have Speed and Offense)
  • Inventory Sorting: The mod inventory can now be sorted by a stat from highest to lowest
  • Assign mods already assigned to other characters: One of the new mod inventory filters will display mods that are already assigned to a character and allow moving a mod directly from one character to another.
  • Toggle Arrows: Players will now be able to cycle through characters on the mod menu by using the toggle arrows on the basic or advanced views. Players no longer need to return to the character select screen to select a new character.
  • Destroy Button Removed: The "destroy mod" functionality when assigning over an existing mod has been removed based on player feedback. Players can also remove a locked mod by assigning over it instead of needing to remove it first. Locked mods are only meant to prevent accidentally selling it.
  • Mod Leveling Screen Improvement: The screen when leveling a mod has been improved to allow selecting the desired mod level immediately without needing to tap "Select Level". In addition, the displayed stat change when leveling a mod now highlights the entire line and displays for a longer period of time.

Other Features
  • Facebook Account Linking: Account linking will now be done using a Facebook account rather than a randomly generated code. To use the new linking, both devices will need updated to our TU13 Client. One device will then connect to a facebook account and the second can then link to that account. Authentication will continue to be tied to your GameCenter, Google Play, or Guest account. Facebook is only for linking not authentication.
  • Color Blind Accessibility: The Tier of a mod is represented as Color. This was requiring individuals that are unable to distinguish between the colors to tap on the mod and view its title to know the tier. For example, in the Mod Inventory in Advanced view, a Mod needed to be tapped and in the Mod’s title “MK V-A CRIT DAMAGE HOLO-ARRAY”, the A represents the Tier of A. We wanted to make this more accessible so changed the “Lvl 15” under the Mod to “15-A” to incorporate the Tier in a more accessible way.
  • Secondary Stat Rolls Displayed: We are now surfacing the number of times a secondary stat was rolled on a Mod. This has always been a maximum of 5 (initial roll and 4 increases), but that will become slightly more prominent now that Slicing is available)
  • Abbreviated Stat Names: Some of the stats have been abbreviated to make them more readable. (ex. "Critical" changed to "Crit")
  • Territory War Participants: Territory Wars now show players that haven't joined so guild leaders can easily determine who hasn't joined. In addition the stats page shows all players that joined so guild leaders can determine who joined but hasn't contributed.
  • Viewing Pack Odds: The odds of getting a specific item from a pack can now be viewed.
  • New Tutorials: Additional Tutorials explaining the Basic view and Slicing.
  • Tutorial Changes: The tutorial for Unlocking Mod Battles has been updated to direct players to the Basic view.
  • Mod Battles Stage 1: The difficulty of Stage 1 of Mod Battles has been reduced to help players get into Mods faster.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where training droid assets in all store packs were not correctly aligned

  • Fixed an issue where a null reference exception could occur when claiming the bottom most inbox reward

  • We have removed the daily badge from guild daily activities
  • Fixed an issue where the Quest screen would prioritize the Guild Donation quest section over the Daily Activities.
  • We have now added more detailed requirements to the Quest that unlocks Starter Guild Tier 1(Frog Dog Army)
  • Fixed an issue where quest description text would show up too small on devices with a 4:3 resolution.
  • Fixed an issue where some overlap would occur when tapping 2 ship abilities at the same time.
  • Addressed a bug where the quest “A Hutt's Welcome” had incorrect text in quest description.
  • Fixed an issue where the quests "Honing Your Skills" and "Upgrade a Mod" activities would default to the text search in the characters screen when tapping "Go" from the Daily Activities screen.
  • If an ally had a pending guild invite, the error message for not being able to join a guild through guild search was incorrect. We have now added the correct message.
  • Addressed an issue where user could join a guild without ever showing up in the manage members list.

  • Fixed an infinite loading loop when accessing chat during battle after an update.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a player’s name would be missing on donation requests after making a new request.

  • Fixed an issue where several gear pieces were missing their favorite tag in the Guild store using the find flow.
  • Fixed an issue where gear upgrade information erroneously showed +5% Health steal when upgrading BB-8's gear level from 11 to 12.
  • Fixed an issue when tapping on a piece of gear in shipments occasionally would only show the favorite characters in the "Needed by" section.

  • Addressed an issue where Sith Fighter's Marquee event had a locked reinforcement slot when using a 7 star Capital ship.
  • Addressed an issue where the ship stats are mixed up randomly when switching between a ship and a capital ship.
  • Sometimes, ship building materials showed up as “credits” when trying to upgrade a ship without enough ship building materials. This has been fixed.

Territory War
  • We have fixed an issue on the squad select screen where the Zetas on characters were not greyed out when the battle was “in progress” or the enemy had been defeated.
  • Fixed an error when a user long taps a Defending Unit of an enemy who left his/her guild.
  • On the ship select screen, reinforcement ships are overlapping on the next enemy tab. This has been fixed.
  • Addressed an issue while on the ship select screen that the text “in progress”, is behind the ships.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting and filtering mods could cause players to accidentally sell mods they didn't intend to sell.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary stats had 1 less Offense than expected

  • We have addressed an issue where time limited events would appear to be re-playable after the event timed out.
  • Fixed an issue where a player was able to "Join" a Heroic Raid even if they didn’t have at least one 7 Star Unit.

  • Occasionally a player who is currently level 85 and had reached 150 Galactic War Completions, would press the multi sim button and generate a message telling the player to reach level 85. This has been fixed
  • Fixed and issue where the enable push notifications prompt was triggering multiple times after tapping the "Remind me later" button.
  • Addressed an issue where occasionally the battle would become stuck and forces the player to restart when using auto battle


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