Teams for haat

What are good teams for haat. Phase by phase. And are they "easy" farmable and for f2p player.
And when is a guild ready for haat?


  • LynnYoda
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    Ackbar, CLS, BB8, Hermit Yoda + Young Han Solo can solo the full thing.
    Dathcha, CLS + Raid Han can solo phase 1 (make sure you retreat CLS for later)
    Ackbar, CLS, Thrawn, Ventress + BB8 can solo phase 3 + 4.

    there is other teams im sure others will list
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    What about nightsister in haat?
    With talzin lead or ventress
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    Machiaveli wrote: »
    What about nightsister in haat?
    With talzin lead or ventress

    With right rng NS can solo p4, talzin l, asajj, daka, initiate and zombie
  • Waqui
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    Alternatively for phase 1 add Rex and possibly also QGJ to you Datcha lead, Zolo and CLS team, until the three are strong enough to manage alone.

    For phase 2 use resistance, zader, rebels and what not. Many teams do well there.

    When is a guild ready? As soon as they have one team to solo phase 1, another team to solo phases 3 and 4 and 20ish % of phase 2, and enough additional teams to manage the first 80% of phase 2.
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    When is a guild ready? If everyone focuses their farming on just one useful squad and squads are not wasted in phases where they shouldn't be used it doesn't take that much to finish the hAAT.
    P1: Just one player with a strong and fast CLS (zeta on it binds all things) is enough. Same goes for zeta Kylo but he's a lot slower and needs dozens of runs whereas CLS just needs a few.
    P2: 3 or 4 zeta Finn Resistance squads are enough, Vader with leadership zeta and some other toons that apply DoTs work well, too. Generally, every high dmg squad with some survivability does perform reasonably well here.
    P3: A single AA lead, BB8, Thrawn, CLS, Ventress can solo the whole phase. A tankier option is to use KRU instead of Ventress, which is painfully slow but pretty much failsafe as he always taunts (takes all hits from main cannon) and recovers enough health on his own and protection via Thrawn to stay alive. Without BB8 it is more difficult but zeta Vader lead with Thrawn, CLS, KRU and TFP or Sidious can do several million. Old school squads like Chirpatine are still an option, too, but I wouldn't encourage anyone to farm such a team since other options work so much better.
    P4: If you have a solo squad for P3 it can either clear P4 as well (Ventress) or at least 20-30 % of it (KRU). Similar to P2 there are several squads that do pretty well here as long as they can buff everyone (e.g. Leia) to survive the airstrike.
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