Guild am I looking for.

I have been playing for a while now. I do get tip see something and make you laugh. Like now am I. Am I looking for hardcore players. Whale yes. And some that are not so underwear tighten!! If you get my meaning. I like to have fun. Remember it is a game. I have spent some money on it. But that’s me. Doesn’t have to be you. Having fun is my game. 2.5gp some level 10 and....


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    I'm with Siths of moraband. We currently have 32 members at 44M GP. We run HPIT 2x a week, HAAT 1x and tier 4 STR but have completed T5 also undefeated it TW. We are active but casual. We dont have ticket requirements as we know life happens. So let me know if your interested either on here or my ally code is 596-224-829
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