Have Questions about Mods 2.0?

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Join a great panel of SWGOH players and experts in a SWGOH Question and Answer live stream, Jedi Academy. For more than a year, we get together on Saturdays, at 10AM US Eastern Time to answer questions you have about SWGOH... and this week, there is a LOT to talk about =)

Streamed by Reality Skewed Gamers, the panel includes the one and only Warrior, TMoney from Operation Metaverse, Jedi Master Adastra, and more!

So join us at 10am US Eastern time and for about 2 hours we will answer your questions regarding mods 2.0, SWGOH, and we even answer some unrelated questions (time permitting)!

Love SWGOH and want to keep it great! YouTube: Reality Skewed Gamers
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