Holotable News Network: A SWGOH Podcast- Episode 3 featuring SirGeorgeous

After our extended hiatus for technical reasons, we are back with a supersized episode to go over all the changes for the past several weeks. We go in-depth with Cad Bane, Aurra and Hound's Tooth before diving into Mods 2.0 and what we think all the marquee characters are building up towards.

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1:30- Cad, Aurra, Hound's Tooth

46:35- Mods 2.0

1:14:35- I Love You, I Know - Our favorite things for the week

1:20:40- That's No Moon -This week is Legendary speculation

1:38:45- Rank and File -Meta report

1:51:50- Uncle Owen's Moisture Farm- Who and what we are farming
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