Mod Battle 9-F

Yo has anyone been able to beat Mod battle 9-F yet? I got my squad completely annihilated in the first two encounters and I have no idea what to do. I’ve been using an Empire squad for the previous battles, and now everything is going downhill because I’m getting shot to pieces by Resistance troopers.

Any advice on how to beat this thing? I’m really anticipating a reply of “Well you need a fully Zeta’d Resistance squad with so-and-so”, which is not possible right now, so maybe I’ll just consign myself to not finishing it for a long time.


  • Kyno
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    Wedge lead, biggs, chirruit, baze and raid han. With a borrowed CLS.
  • Nightsisters, Asajji lead, Aco,zombie, daka ,talia borrowed Zetad MT, only borrowed and Asajji were above g8 and Zetad
  • The Resistance in that last mod battle have super high tenacity, use a team that doesn't rely on debuffs or negative effects for TM gain/dps and you'll be fine.
  • Uber Teams:

    Vader lead with borrowed EP with empire
    EP lead with borrowed Vader with empire
    Finn lead with borrowed JTR with resistance
    JTR lead with borrowed Finn with resistance

    Note: need leadership zetas on both leads. If you have any of the for leaders zeta-ed you should be able to borrow the other.

    NightSisters with Ventress lead and borrowed MT works great too.

    I would imagine a double First Order leader combo would work great too....
  • 3 stared with scoundrels.
  • 3 starred with Jedi and a borrowed Thrawn.
  • FO plus a borrowed G12 zBoba! Crit damage for the win.
  • Bastilla lead jedi with borrowed Old Ben
  • I used my arena team with a borrowed Boba Fett. EP Lead. It was tough, but I was able to do it because they were built to take damage.

    Yes, this is another fine example of CG making something harder by excessively boosting one stat because it's easier to do. At the same time, this is what a Bastila lead "should" do with 150-200% tenacity. I've tried my Bastila lead jedi in arena, the AI just ignores the tenacity and stacks 5-10 debuffs on my jedi over and over again. But, I expect as much from the AI because all too often it does whatever it wants to regardless of what limitations we have.

    I'll be joyous when at some point in the future, they fix tenacity to work like it "should" work.

    Good luck, this is a tough one, but there are plenty of examples of teams here. (With the obligatory, "its ez bro, I 3-starred it!" comments with no explanations.)
  • Thank you all so much :)
  • Whatelse73 wrote: »
    Good luck, this is a tough one, but there are plenty of examples of teams here. (With the obligatory, "its ez bro, I 3-starred it!" comments with no explanations.)

    its ez bro
  • Just made it :) - My team: Bastilla (G11 - lead - no zeta), Ezra (G8), Kanan(G8), GMYoda (Zeta G10), Emperor Palpatine (G10) + borrowed Old Ben (G12 - no Zeta) --> Effect = 3* :)
  • maclarenjc67
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    It is far from easy.

    I have tried teams very close or stronger than the recommended teams in this and other threads and at best have 1 starred it. With Empire and even Boba their AoA effects are often resisted then if I can make it to level 3 if I happen get an opponent character nearly killed another character taunts and I can never get back to at least methodically work through the opposition to whittle it down.

    I tried a Bastilla led strong Jedi team and they barely got to the 3rd level intact and once there Bastilla was stunned much of the time but even when not stunned didn't seem very effective.

    I could somewhat understand if folks were regularly achieving 2 stars then might be able to devise a strategy to get to 3 stars but much of the time not even getting 1 star would seem to indicate a consistent imbalance issue. Yes of course RNG plays some role but haven't encountered any of the other battles being quite this consistently impossible to 3 star.

    Refer to this thread for many similar complaints
  • Vendi1983
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    When I ran it I had zKRU G11, zKylo G11, zFOST G10, FOO G10, FOE G11, and I borrowed a G12 Boba. Cleared it on the first attempt with 3*.
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