Has anyone seen Cody lately?

Hey guys, just looking to assuage my fears. I wouldn't even ask, but we have precedent with Sabine's removal from guild shop. So, without further ado, has anyone seen Commander Cody in fleet store, of late?

I've been working up my clones, as a collection project, and haven't seen him in fleet store since the update. And, since the update DID rearrange the store, I've got this notion in my head that they might have removed him. Especially if they're preparing for a clone rework or addition, in light of the Clone Wars series revival.


  • I saw him today. He's random like Echo.

    I'm farming both those from 6-7 stars JUST in case.

    Hope he shows up soon for you :smile:
  • What about Jyn Erso in guild store?
    That is only place to get those shards from but have not seen them in awhile not that I am complaining as I am buying Young Solo shards from there right now but little bit concerned.
  • Jyn is still in there; just got her to 7 stars a few weeks ago. Definitely had some long stretches were she would not show up for almost a week (or 1-2 times a week). That's how you know the RNG is working. :wink:
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Cody is in my fleet store right now.

    Edit: And Jyn is in my Guild store. LOL! Figures they have what someone else wants rather than what I want. :D
  • Lol you had stretches because they have code written that when you get 5* star you see them less its **** and its true prove ne wrong. They do this in hopes you pull that wallet out. Every time you get to 5 * you suddenly find them less and you will always be 1 shard short when you hit 330. Again prove me wrong, thier mechanics are writen for this.
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