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    So I decided to set up 2 more accounts along side my main account to try and compare gw opponents.

    First my main account, level 64 toons 6* purple gear, arena rank 200, I faced teams very similar in gw with odd team containing two 7* toons, I then 7* Lumi the result, several teams containing two or three 7* toons, I was completing 9/10 wars with heavy losses, then the update, battle 6 full 7* team impossible to beat at my power level.

    Account 2 level 50 toons. I starred the toons to 4* gear 6, arena rank 230, I was facing teams 3 or 4 levels above, with the odd 5* toon, I then upgraded jc gear to purple, the result teams 8 levels above me all in purple gear by the time I reached battle 6, containing 5* and 6* toons.
    jc power increase was from gear 6 to 7 was only around 200, yet the teams I was now facing had been boosted far beyond my team, gw became impossible. Then the update no changes to my toons battle 4 14 levels above me containing 7* toons fully geared !!!!

    Account 3 level 37 toons, gear level 3 and 4, arena rank 2564, I just used the toons given not starring anyone but still collecting the shards, only gearing them to level 4, the result gw opponents are no more than level 20 and start as low as level 1, it's easy obviously, then the update still no higher level overall but hardly any level 1 toons now, and more level 18, still easy but harder.


    GW has been made far more difficult three separate accounts don't lie, to the point that if you are upgrading your toons as normal gw, will become impossible, gw is the only real source of credits, and players will/are stalling in their progress and will lose interest in the game.

    I have just about lost interest in main account and account 2 because I can't progress, just spinning my wheels.

    If you want the benefits from gw start a new account on side and follow what I did, just collect shards but don't promote until you have at least 3 teams you can 7*, it's gonna be a long haul but I'd rather do this, than the long grind the game is becoming.

    Helpful to hear your experience... that's a good test to run with three accounts. If I knew for sure what GW was based on I would follow your strategy (power of top 5 heroes, arena power, etc.). Before the update I limited arena power and could clear GW. Now it's gotten a lot tougher so I think they changed the algorithm significantly...
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    I'm level 64. I'm on a server that allows me to stay between 50-100 in arena rank comfortably. I haven't won an arena on purpose for about 2 weeks because I just go in and retreat 3 times to get my daily bonus. I keep the team I have in there though starred and leveled up as to defer people from attacking me and dropping me in rank. Needless to say, my galactic war has been understandably easy since I stopped winning arena due to the algorithm used to calculate GW, but i would still upgrade my arena team to keep my arena rank and still get the reward. This system worked flawlessly until this morning. All I did was take my Lumi from 6 to 7 stars from yesterday, that's it. I didnt win an arena match. And I went from the 1st node being usually level 40-50 to they started at 68. Then I went on to face node after node of level 70s all purple geared and mostly 7 starred. Could this have happened over just a Lumi upgrade? I doubt it. Could this have just been a bad GW selection day? Possibly, but more than likely, they seemingly changed the way GW is calculated. I hope I'm wrong and I just had a bad day.

    I indeed just had a bad day. Just cake walked todays GW. Sent in 2 suicide squads to beat the 2 hard nodes. Only one node of level 70 purple maxed toons.
  • GW SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was better before they messed with it.....
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    Yesterday, before the update, I got this level 70/7*/max gear droids plus Poggle, which pretty much obliterated my level 63 self, retreats and suicide squads or not.


    Today, GW had a few relatively challenging nodes, but was doable, and I made it through without losing a toon. Not the easiest I've had, but I finished and even got a Daka shard out of it, which at least isn't completely useless.
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