FO kills the tank

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  • Vince211187
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    Strong team
  • Rydia131
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    Vince...I am close on a farm for this team exactly. What was your strategy that you used in order to achieve this? At what point did you start in P2? I'm assuming this was heroic?

    I am putting a zeta on KRU and will be very close to G12 on both him and BB8. I have the zeta on BB8 already and FOO is set. Obviously its a big miss but I still need a lot of work on my FOX.

    Anything you can point out as "must haves" or tips for this team? Thanks!
  • @Rydia131 started with more then half of p2 carries all the way to the end. You have to knock out the main cannon and then the other two and try to use big bits while it’s toppled
  • @Vince211187

    Bunch of questions because I literally have this exact team but just need gear on BB8/Thrawn.

    A - Heroic?

    B - Is that the SPP Zeta in BB8? Does the healing apply to BB8 as well? If not, then for this exact team no zetas are actually needed on BB8.

    C - What speeds & mod sets? I have +100 on KRU, +120 on FOO, +80 on FOX, and about +65-75 on BB8/Thrawn.
  • @Vendi1983 you’ll need a lot of speed on bb8 my thrawn is 265 and has a zeta now. Speed, protection, and critical chance
  • HK666
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    bb8's dodge on heal zeta heals him
  • Perfect. Thanks! One of my concerns with ABC squad as well. Zeta on BB8 it is.

    Is Thrawn's zeta truly necessary to solo P3/P4 as all that's really gained from it is the 100% counter chance?
  • @Vendi1983 thrawn is a must here’s a photo of my new team clears p2-4 left like 2% on p4 26f4yldqaw4q.png
  • Unfortunately only at 70/145 for unlocking Wampa so that's a ways off, but nice work!!
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