How do I get the best mods to increase vader and eps speed?

please help my EP isn't that fast


  • i want to be ready for r2 event
  • There's plenty of tips for mod gathering.

    The new mods 2.0 is a blessing and a curse.

    keep about 5 million credits and 3 million fleet credits available at any time. Check the mod store each refresh. If you see an 5 dot arrow with a speed primary, buy it. Doesn't matter what mod type it is, or what any of the secondaries are. That 30 speed there at lvl 15. You can also buy any other 5 dot mod that has a speed secondary of +5 or 6. But this in mods 2.0 isn't as lucrative or helpful as it was (since a green mod used to be guaranteed to upgrade once and thus be about +10 speed, and a blue had 25% chance of being closer to +15 and a 75% chance of at least 1 speed upgrade, do that 5 times plus your +30 arrow =+80 speed). Now it's more of a gamble to get speed of those green and blues.

    Now slicing is the key. Since the mods 2.0 dropped, all of my mod energy has gone to splicing material. Most of my mods were blue mods I acquired thru the million marquee events we had, or thru the shop. As I said above, a solid way of getting to at least +10 speed. Now I've been slicing those blues to purples. It takes 10 of the salvage from 9b and 25 of the salvage from 9c. That's about 30 Sims, or 360 energy to get there. You get 285 free a day, so I've upgraded about 6 mods a week from Blue to purple. On average, 1-2 of those mods should increase speed again. So now I'm starting to get mods with 3 and 4 speed upgrades. Once I've gotten my blues to purples, I'll probably focus purples to golds on the higher speed ones. I'll also still looking to add new blue ones with a speed of +10 or more to this pathway. This can be from upgrading my Grey mods to level 12 (or green mods to level 9, or blue mods to lvl 6) and seeing if speed hits. If there is speed on a grey or green, it's worth upgrading to lvl 15 and then splicing up to blue and seeing if speed hits again (only a 25% chance each time, but not a huge investment of splicing materials). I'd only take blue to purple if speed is already +10 or more. That's why mods with speed already became less valuable but mods without speed became more valuable post mods 2.0. Before, no one bothered with Grey mods, or other mods without speed already showing. Now green, blues, and purples without speed are worth upgrading to show all secondaries, cause if speed comes then it's the same as if it originally had it and can upgrade it and splice it.

    My arena team all have between +70-90 speed. Every one has a speed primary arrow and every other mod has a speed secondary. The other primaries and secondaries don't matter as much, but once you have a handful of speed arrows and +10 mods, you can match up what is useful other things. I'll slowly get some God gold mods (I have one gold +20 speed, I have a few purple +15 that I can hope splice to +20). This is a much easier process than before.
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    I farm mods and use 3 refreshes a day with crystals. Started speed now rotating to tenacity getting better pulls will keep rotating whenever I start to get bad ones with a different set that I don’t have and can utilize. But don’t think u need arena mods for R2 events r not setup to be competitive or challenging or it would **** people off that just want to collect. That’s y requirements r g7-g8 which is in a collectors range get there with a week easy.
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