We Need a Blitz/Endless Mode!

This game is great. I’ve been playing since TFA and have loved seeing the changes and support CG has given it through the years.

One issue we’re having at end game is running out of things to do. A lagging area is Galactic War. It’s time for that mode to get reworked into something like Marvel Strikeforce’s Blitz mode or some other “endless” mode where the further we push into it, the greater the challenge but also the greater the reward.


  • Yes!
  • YaeVizsla
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    edited September 2018
    Blitz is such a chore in Strike Force. And in this game, it wouldn't be terribly difficult to create a team or group of teams that could go on nigh infinitely.
  • Absolutely not. Blitz is the worst. All it will do it burnout all us completionist type players. It's the worst kind of grind. And rewards are garbage unless you spend do like 20-25 battles per day with 4-5 different teams.
  • Blitz is absolutely terrible. It’s the single reason I quit strikeforce. It would absolutely drive me away from this game. No chance I stick around if that horrid game mode comes here.
  • I, personally, love Blitz at MSF. Yeah, it takes up a sognificant amount of time if you want to max it.. But you always have a choice. If not interestes, dont do it. I for one, do not really enjoy that my swgoh GAME is all about logging in 4 times a day at specific times and clicking in the same exact order for 2 minutes each time. I could completely automate this, and it hurts to do something that repetitive..
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