Next zeta

I am trying to figure out where to put my next zeta. I run a droid team, and I am divided between placing it on BB8’s roll with the punches, or R2’s combat analysis, or maybe even BB8’s self preservation protocol. Any suggestions.


  • Who else is on the team? Are they completely zetaed?
  • R2...both of them...immediately...
  • HK lead, 88, chopper, R2, and BB8. R2’s number crunch is already zetaed.
  • For that droid squad, I would do bb8's RWIP or R2's combat analysis. RWIP will toss out a good number of stuns since r2 will always be called. R2's CA won't benefit 47 or 88, but it will allow bb8 and r2 to cleanse any debuffs out of turn when they counter, and chopper when he assists other droids, which will help against the debuff-heavy Empire and sith squads that are meta right now.

    SPP will add a good amount of health and prot Regen, especially against AoE heavy enemies, but droids need to keep throwing out crits and aoe specials, and both RWIP and CA will help that goal a lot.
  • For the future: I think the strongest Droid team as of now is HK, bb8, T3, 88 and imperial probe. They easily erase nightmare teams.
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