Darth Sid in Squad arena

Has anyone else been having trouble keeping Darth Sidious alive in the squad arena? I have a 4* lvl 47 with lvl 6 gear Darth Sidious that I cant keep alove for more then the first round of attacks. Any one else having this problem?


  • Well i use him with old daka and Luminara. Sometimes i have to use a heal on the first round, but often i kill someone first round and he heals himself enough where i dont have to.
  • He is just not that strong HP wise, Lum is the same, not overly strong.

    I typically run

    Savage hits hard and takes a ton of damage, Mace hits solid takes a very good beating too. Barriss hits weak but takes a good beating and heals strong. Lum heals pretty good. Sid is the reason I blow a Heal early and run 2 healers. I'd much rather do Secura over Barriss because she hits hard, but if I did Sid would die.

    My Sid is 48, 4* gear 6 also. Upgrade Sadistic Glee and take guys out since he gets health as you do and run 2 that can heal and you should be ok. He or Lum are always the ones who die if I actually lose someone.
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