BB8 5* viable for haat raid?

I was only able to 5 Star bb8 on the last event and I’m wondering if he would still be viable to run with an Ackbar lead, CLS, rHan, Thrawn team for HAAT P3. All of whom are gear 12 or close, zeta on IBAT and Han. Thoughts?


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    You're not able to use non 7* toons in heroic raids.
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    In haat ypu cant use 5 stars, only 7. But need nice gear. Ofcourse, you can try it with low, but sometimes you have duck rng, 1 mistake, and your bb down, and game over.
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    Of course he's not viable at 5*. Being that you can only use 7* characters in HAAT.
  • crzydroid
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    Even in NAAT you can only use 6*.

    So it's pretty much just a solid No.
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