Best Mods Section Updates for Mods 2.0

Hello all, LJ here from I have now personally reviewed 38 of the 150+ Best Mods articles on the site and I am planning to complete a review of all of our articles in the coming weeks. In addition, to make it easier for the users, I added a Mods 2.0 tag to the pages that have been reviewed so that you know who has been reviewed and potentially updated and who has not. I welcome you to review the Best Mods in SWGoH section of the site and I welcome your feedback as that is how we all get smarter about this complex and incredibly fun game.

> Best Mods for each SWGoH character


  • ljcool110
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    If anyone has any requests feel free to let me know. I reviewed another 3 mod guides since posting this at the request of SWGoH players on Reddit and would be glad to do the same for anyone here.
  • Wow, I am really surprised there have not been any requests on which characters you guys want updated in terms of the best mods for the toon.
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