Cap on the difference in Account levels?

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read this!

I'm rather new to this game, being about 4 or 5 weeks into it now where I'm level 55. I have a lot to learn about the complexities of this game to the point that I should probably read or watch some videos on how to get better (any recommendations would be appreciated!). Anyway, that's all besides the point.

Within the last week or so, in my Galactic War runs I've started to run into Players that are 15 to 20 levels higher than myself with teams that have one or two high level characters and the rest filled with low level characters. For instance, I just today ran into a level 75 player who had a 74 Vader, ~45 Royal Guard, ~45 Clone Sergeant, ~45 Mace Windu and one other 45 that I can't recall now, that could taunt. I actually managed to get through this team, it just took the sacrifice of my Phoenix team and one other team to do it, followed by a team that can lower offense and stun who finished it off. Sadly, this crippled me and stalled me out on the 9th node..


The problem I seeing here is that this appears to be a commonly used "tactic" as I've ran into this 3 times now. The previous time being when I was maybe 49 or 50 and ran into a team that had 2 level 64's. I didn't fare so well in either of the previous situations, where they quite literally decimated my teams in short order.

So, this raises a few questions from me: Why are people setting up teams like this? What do they gain? Does it make their Galactic War runs easier? Do they get more favorable opponents? Should there be a cap on the difference in levels for the players you can face within Galactic War to help mitigate potential exploitation (which I assume this is)? What can I do to help avoid this, or what can I do to get through those fights more easily if they are unavoidable?

Thanks again for reading this and I look forward to some constructive responses!


  • Node 6, 9 and 12 will always have difficult teams, just how it's always been. Nobody can choose, as far as I know, what teams get used for GW.
    You're not meant to clear it daily at your level. Some days it's easier than others, just gotta accept you won't beat it some days until you reach a higher level.
  • You should be happy to know then that you haven't seen the worst of it. You'll soon be asking for a cap to zeta abilities rather than a cap on account/character levels lol.
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