Marquees and Jango Fett [MEGA THREAD]


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    Just dont buy the relevant content. I haven't in quite some time and guess what, I am doing just fine. Still enjoy the game, and still do extremely well.

    Do you really think that whales out there will miss out on character like this just so us F2P players would get some kind of justice? :D

    Nope, and I didn't say that. I was speaking to those that have their feelings hurt over this. You will be OK if you don't get him IMMEDIATELY. Last I hear Aurra Sing was a META super duper must have character.... dont see much of her.

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    Lol of course he is.... hopefully it’s at least a fully crafted carbanti and some gold salvage... also I wonder who the “it’s not a marquee” toon is.

    Lol like it matters 98% of game will not be able to probably beat the “new tiers” And you knoooooooooowwwww thissssss mannnnnn -smoky
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    It's not that I dont believe the devs, it's that I don't believe the devs.

    I mean, when you say we re changing our schedule and it doesn't happen overnight...that's like my daughter blowing off family time and saying her changing plans with her friends doesn't happen overnight. That's a **** cop out excuse and you guys know it especially since people have been complaining about the marquee overload for months now. So don't hand us this **** about stuff doesn't happen overnight when you have had months and don't insult our intelligence either with thinly veiled poorly thought out excuses.

    You need to overload people with garbage marquee events to make money to make your bosses happy then fine, it's a business but at least have the decency to be honest about it and say sorry our hands are tied, we all answer to someone, we re trying but its about the bottom line at the end of the day.

    They earned 12 milion dolars in August, they dont need to be greedy. They would get money and praise if Jango was legendary but they just dont care what we thing or what we want. I dont know why we bother complaining anymore tbh
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    He looks great but it sounds like another **** Marquee event. Didn’t the devs just say they have done too many Marquee events? I guess they never learn. Time to see how many players start dropping the game.
    Mobilegamer doesn't think its marquee. Curbsfan han comments were ominious. It doesn't seem to be marquee or legendary.

    We don't know the release structure so don't hate on the devs unless you have the full information

    Feels more like they were fed what to say to us, and it wasn't their own words
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    Par for the course since Carrie arrived. Last legendary almost a full year ago...BB-8 released on 9/28.

    Carrie wasn’t brought in to help fix community or improve game. She was here to help them further monetize the game...

    I expected a marquee and I’m not shocked. Just not sure why I bother anymore. Grind grind grind, no reward...

    Careful. I got banned for mentioning she who shall not be named on the forums. Just a friendly FYI.

    I see both sides on this one, but at least they are giving extra rewards on this much of those rewards will greatly determine my happiness level. It’s taken forever, but it’s now seems they are listening. Now if we could get a time when the raid rewards change is coming out, I’d be a happy camper.
  • This is Ridiculous. Stop with the cash grab. I know you have to pay your bills but this takes all the fun out of it. Jango should be a Legendary character. And you are setting up for more disappointment when only whales can get the legendary characters. F2P will leave and you’ll also lose your whales. At least give us predictability for what is coming and stop lying about what is coming. And oh, by the way, a little late on listing the probabilities for drops. They show how much you prey upon those with addiction. If I would have know the probabilities I would have never purchased some of the packs I did.
  • Come on, this is crap. Probably funny for you to sit up there and see how many marquee toons you can release and still get people to buy them. Well I can tell you this. I have spent money on this game, quite a bit actually for a phone game. But also know this I will never spend one penny more here. Done
  • I’ve lost count of the marquee toons. I get the drive to make their budget numbers happen, but where’s the give and take. I can’t say anyone is happy about this, especially with this being Jango
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    Hello guys,

    I am so disappointed in EA for making yet another Marquee Event especially since they said last month that they will change that.

    On my side, I have put money into the game to try my luck at Marquee 's Packs for Bastila and Visas... But I'm just fed up with the way things are evolving...

    I ask anyone reading this thread CONSIDERING not buying JANGO MARQUEE PACKS.

    I am not pleased being considered a milk-cow by EA and you shouldn't either... EA should you read this, please restore the balance in the force of this game... I do think the first two years were perfectly balanced...

    Thanks for reading me, any feedback will be greatly appreciated
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  • There you go folks, thats what they think of us, apparently listen to us and then tease a new toon only to make it marquee... all those 10 bucks add up from the small paying to get a 4star jango.
    Also why they adding this when they said they would add salvage to the raids? still waiting on that too.
    Trash, everything they say is trash, so honestly, stop trying to talk to them, they full of it
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    Exactly what everyone should've expected after Carrie's post on reddit. And I get that you've got a schedule that can't just be scrambled; legendary events don't just appear from nowhere.

    Doesn't bother me. I like Marquee releases. I dislike the hard node farms that come after. So maybe throw us a sop, CG, and make him easier than a single hard node?

    PS: Jango didn't do nearly enough to justify being a legendary.
    Not only is he going to be a single hard node he's gonna be a single fleet hard node. I'm thinking 5-C maybe.
  • Shame on you guys! I was thinking that you were trying to improve the relationship with the players, but you’re all in for the cash grabs. Carbantis and mod salvage!?!? Really!?!? This is serious ****.
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    Makes absolutely no sense to not tell everyone he was going to be marquee when his kit was revealed. Devs are just trying to **** everyone off.
    They literally told you 2 hours after the kit reveal :/

  • I was so happy when Jango was announced. Now I'm sad.
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