Jedi in HAAT

Are they viable in HAAT? If so, what teams and which phases? Thanks in advance!


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    In the pre-CLS era they were used in phase 1....
    I have yet 7 stars GK, so I make some experiments...
    I recently scored 3 M in phase 2 with Z QGJ, ZGMY, Z HYoda, Ezra and GK.
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    Yeah, they aren't really used much in today's HAAT teams because of how easily CLS can take out P1 on his own.

    But before he came along, the most popular was Anakin or Ima Gun-Di lead with Grand Master Yoda, QGJ and Aayla Secura in Phase 1. But from what I remember, it was only good for about 1 - 1.5 million.
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    They have more use in SRT. I run L - Bastialla 3* g11, zGMY g12, Ezra g11, Old Ben g12, Barriss g11 . I turn in about 1.5 to 1.8 mil, in T3 Phase 1.
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    Wow, it must be such a throwback to you older players.... I started around the time when jtr was introduced, and just lead my guild to our first haat 3 days ago! Thanks, much appreciated!
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