[SöD] Sons of Dathomir (still recruiting)

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Welcome to [SöD] Sons of Dathomir!

Currently seeking 1-2 partners to help build/manage/promote this Guild. Preferably someone with photoshop/web design/app skills to bring this guild to its fullest potential. I need someone stable, committed and creative to communicate with for this Guild. If their is any interest please email me at sonsofdathomir@hotmail.com

Recruitment for players to join has started!
You need to be min lvl 70
Have at least 5 7* characters
This is a competitive guild, members that don't contribute will be kicked out, you need to be an active player who finishes at least daily activities , squad arena and GW daily
My ally code : 748-485-696
Enter your info and ally code below.

This Guild is intended for SWGOH.
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