158 million 49/50 You are ore then welcome friends...


The Defiant Order: 158m GP



LS TB Stars: 44

DS TB Stars: 45

Rules for all Raids: 24 hours join period for Pit and HAAT then it is a free-for-all.

Pit 9p EST start
HAAT 10p EST start
Hsith 5p EST start

Every last week of month is Euro week where
Pit 1p EST start
HAAT 5p EST start

Requirements: 600 daily tickets, participation in all guild events, & competitive roster and mods.

1. Discord is mandatory. Especially for those who don’t fully participate
2. TB is always first priority it has best rewards and toons like Hoda and Wampa are critical
3. Sith raid is important for rewards so don’t miss joining
4. TW is about participation we need everyone to try. We do not remove for TW unless participation is terrible
5. Daily energy though this is at the bottom of the list is vital.

Don’t miss

Guild swgoh.gg page https://swgoh.gg/g/5425/the-defiant-order/

The Defiant Order



Leader: @Chewdadda#5951
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