Who else gets underwhelming rewards for coming 1st place in HAAT?

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For the past 4-5 HAAT raids now i’ve been getting really disappointing rewards for coming 1st....haven’t gotten a fully crafted gear and i get salvages that i already have loads of....here is a screenshot of one of my former guild mates rewards thats facing the same disappointment



  • Who doesn't?
  • USAFmedic129
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    The new changes have not taken effect so this is the still the RNG gods hating on you. Pray to Pele for forgiveness, gnash your teeth at Odin, forge a cat statue to Bast, sacrifice on Jupiter’s alter and stick your hand into the Oracles mouth.
  • Those rewards are great
  • Whats up with those mk3 bacta gel btw? It's been months since i've NOT seen 'em in both haat and hsith. It's crazy, the droprate for that stuff lmao.
  • Many many times......
  • z3sjhmfyd020.png
    Not a first place, but look at those rewards...
  • Perks wrote: »
    Not a first place, but look at those rewards...
    ouch! those mk3 bacta gel tho! always rewarded...lol
  • I feel ur pain not in first but gold gear has not been giving fully crafted in like a week last time I was getting them with purple so that might be the way
  • Xhedao
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    Yeah, the rewards are not satisfying anymore. Thought this is due to the changes and RNGesus, who is helping lower ranked members ^^
    The changed rewards could be nice, but I have now hundreds of salvage parts for high gear levels, but can not use them, cause the old bottlenecks (carbantis, stun guns, stun cuffs...) have become worse with the changes. Before I am able to use the high gear parts I have first to overcome the earlier bottleneck gear -.-
    Wir haben Platz für 3 Spieler, 135 MGM, full heroic, 11* im Geo. Einfach PN an mich
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