How about a day early!?

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I am excited to reveal the image from last week’s teaser, but, more importantly, tell you some details about the upcoming Legendary character - a day early!

You will need any 5 Bounty Hunters to earn shards of Chewbacca from the Original Trilogy, but he won’t be an easy target to take down. This will be a very difficult event that will require well geared and modded Bounty Hunters. Luckily there’s a way to get a head start.

Starting this weekend, you can earn additional Bounty Hunter shards by playing Light and Dark side hard nodes in your mission to take down the legendary Wookiee. This includes Embo and Aurra Sing! More details coming later this week.

As you prepare to capture Chewbacca, be advised that Jango Fett (25 shards) will be available in the “One Famous Wookiee” event bundle - The Bounty Hunter Ultimate Bundle - the day the Chewbacca event launches.

Stay tuned for more info on the Legendary Chewbacca!

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