Content Update [HF] 9/19/2018

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Hi Holotable Heroes!
Today, 9/19/2018, we’re pushing a hotfix release to address some of issues with the recent release though there are still several known issues listed below.

  • Added Chewbacca Announcement to client
  • Added limited time bonus drops to Light and Dark side hard nodes for Bounty Hunters (Starting 9/22)
  • Added new sound effect for Jango Fett's blaster

  • Sabine's Darksaber strike has 3 turn cooldown instead of 2 turns
  • Territory Wars button is grayed out even when you can enter the event. (Note you can tap the Enter button to still enter the event)
  • UI bug with Bounty Hunter Contracts that show multiple stacks of Contract payouts (Visual Only)
We are working to resolve these issues as soon as possible but it requires some additional work. Darksaber's cooldown should be fixed in the next update. We will keep you updated on the status of these two visual bugs as well

EDIT: Added Sabine's Darksaber cooldown bug to Known Issues
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