Marquee Rewards

Hey guys,

There’s been on-going discussion about whether the rewards for the Jango “Marquee Plus” will be the new norm for all marquees moving forward, so I want to take a moment to set expectations.

As I alluded to before, by the time the Marquee fatigue had become apparent, we were already too far underway with making Jango’s event to change it to be something structurally different. However, we also knew that Jango was super well liked, and that we had to do something extra to make this event special. Thus, we juiced the rewards.

As Carrie mentioned on this post, the rewards for Jango are special for that event and are not intended to be the new rewards for normal marquees moving forward.

That said, sentiment around Jango has been generally positive, so while we’re not promising more Marquee Plus events at this time, we may release more in the future.
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