Territory War Matchmaker


  • Date of War 2/24/19
    Your Guild's GP 93,449,310 (85M Active)
    Opponent's GP 113,560,096
    # of Guild members who joined 44
    17 Defensive slots
  • Date of TW: 26/2/19
    Wu tang clan:140mil go 49/50 compete
    New York sith 161 mil ?/50
    No so much the GP balance but more the toons. We met a zztraya wall (22 teams) compared to our 0 traya as we are still working on Hsith. I thought this was taken into account?
    They also had a much higher number of revan and cls/3po/chewie teams then we have.
    Never stood a chance
  • yohann269
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    Date of TW Feb 28th, 2019
    Us: Mighty Chlorians 221,605,300GP
    Them: Team Instinct 252,078,523 or 254,504,221 can't tell them apart
    50 guild members joined on both sides
    It is not fun fighting TW when there is a 30m difference in GP


  • NePlusUltra_kRh
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    Date of TW: 3/1-3/3
    DL - koolRanch Army : ~143mil gp
    RA 5th Order Legacy: ~160mil gp
    Us: 48/49 members (so appx 140mil gp)
    Them: unknown, they have 48 total members.

    Their average gp: 3.3mil
    Our average gp: 2.9mil

    Their average arena rank: ~90
    Our average arena rank: ~215

    Now this is our third straight matchup with a guild of SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER guild gp, average gp, and arena rank. We have a very good record (50+ wins) but this is absolutely demoralizing and is overall zero fun whatsoever.
  • hunchew
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    I think match maker is still broken. We are 221M guild and for the last few "fun and playful" wars we have been matched with 250+ guilds. Now, the ground war part is very tough and challenging, but not horrible. We are definitely severely outmatched on the mods and lose the ground war, but this part is doable. The deciding factor, however, is Fleet battles. There is no way to compete here, particularly in the current fleet meta, against fleets that are completely 6e modded and g12+ geared.

    I really think that your match making algorithm doesn't correctly consider the average number of 6e mods for the guild as well as the average number of g12+ geared characters. That is currently the primary decider for the territory wars. A war between guilds where this disparity is higher is no fun at all because even though the power ratings are similar, within some margin, the mod and gear disadvantage is a huge factor that doesn't seem to be considered by your algorithm. If it were, these kinds of match-ups would be a lot more rare.

    I have no problems if the matches were far apart in GP, but close in terms of mods and gear. These would be a lot more competitive. But matches were you are outclassed in g12 gear and 6e mods are just frustrating and take away from the enjoyment of the game.

    Here you can see the disparity I am taking about. ew62iuow3pf2.jpg
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  • u4mc
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    How difficult can it be. 9th straight TW in a row where we have had a match-up to a guild that is significantly stronger than our own. We’re giving away 14mil in GP on this particular one. YOUR MATCH MAKING ALGORITHM SUCKS.
  • Date of TW: 10.03.2019
    Verschlafen der Macht vs Revens Rampage
    Members :: 48 vs 41
    GP :: 102.6M vs 114.3M
    Members(registered for TW) :: 45 vs 34

    Most of the recent matchmakings were ok. Now we ran into the issue of the vast difference in registered Members again and had a rather one sided one.
    Please, pretty please put some more focus on the number of registered members. To me this seems to be one of the main reasons for unbalanced matchings.
  • tbho4dqg95mc.jpg

    We were 50/50. They were 43/50 but 15 million GP mor than our guild. Thanks for the matchmaking system and the experience with it. you can delete TW from SWGOH now. No use to play this **** mode anymore.
  • Date of TW: 1st April 2019 - 3rd April 2019
    Your Guild’s GP: 150M aprox
    Opposing team’s GP: 150M aprox
    # of my guild members who joined: 50
    # of opposing guild members who joined: 50

    They have 23 Han's Millenium Falcon, we have 1. They have 21 Darth Revan, we 0.
    Apart the biggest player has 5.2PG, and they have at least 12 players above 4M. Our biggest has 4.1M and is the only one that has PG above 4M

  • JediMaster2323
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    Are you serious bro? Take a look at this.
    This is our upcoming war 4-9-19. We have 46 members our opponent has 28 members.

  • @CG_SBCrumb do the developers ever plan on fixing the sandbagging that elite guilds, lets be honest...too many guilds do just to ensure that they get 3 easy zetas?



    Our opponents guild deliberately told multiple people to not participate in TW so that they could get matched with a lower GP guild and be guaranteed 3 zetas. We try to encourage every member of our guild to register so that they get rewards.

    This game shouldn't encourage overly competitive players to tell members of their guild that "They can't participate in TW" because they want to get 3 zetas without a fight.

    Do you know how many members they had to ban from participating to drop 40mil in GP?

    Instead of doing these extremely unbalanced matches of equal registered GP vs equal registered GP a system should be enabled that matches based on entire guild GP. In that way your guild is at a disadvantage for not participating versus rewarded for having multiple members of a guild sit TW out.

    It's very bizarre that this behavior is still being rewarded.

  • It won't help the higher guilds, but maybe they should make it so that for non-participation you can only move one tier down from what you would be if everyone participated.
  • Gonzolo
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    Date: 5-9-18
    Sign ups - 48/50
    Opp sign ups 38/50
  • Gonzolo
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  • Gonzolo
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  • DATE WAR 05/12/19

    MadridWars vs Green Lightsaber

    20M differecne. Matchmaking fails again

  • If my memory is correct we had around 6-7 fair matchups with a close ending.
    If a guild outpowers us, it's an anihilation and usually the same for our side.
    I don't think that this will change.
  • Gonzolo
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    I had the wrong guild
  • Gonzolo
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    So it’s actually a 50m difference
  • But they didn’t all sign up to TW, as you can tell by only needing 19 teams per zone.

  • Gonzolo
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    Yes their avg gp is 1m higher tho, so even at 38, their mods and rosters were a significant advantage. If I only have 38 sign up, I drop to 120/130m, so the difference is still rather stark.
  • nottenst
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    We just got matched against a guild with a similar GP, but they only have 37 members, so a much higher GP/member. 5 Darth Malak to 1. 32 Traya to 3. 8 Darth Revan to 1. 34 JKR to 21. Does this look like an even matchup?
  • camper288
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    Date of the TW: 05/20/2019

    My Guild Strength BR: 175,630,903
    Opponent: Nederland: 198,720,924

    My guild Join: 49/50 https://swgoh.gg/g/1781/forca-br/
    Opposing Joined:? / 50 https://swgoh.gg/g/1716/nederland/

    Our number of defeats is insane, we only have chance of victory when the active PG of our guild does not exceed 160M which leaves us in the second prize range. If 46 or more people join the TW we necessarily lose, since we never found guilds with 170M PG.
  • Ok, I’m not even going to bother posting about individual battles as there really does not seem to be a point. The matchmaking has not changed, it is still based nearly entirely on GP and we have lost 9 out of last 10 and over half were total defeat, (they couldn’t beat fleet in the others. Perhaps TW should be renamed ‘who has most revans?’ to more accurately sum up what really happens in TW. As a result we have had enough. If a match up looks fair then our guild will compete. If not, then we just post total garbage in Defense, collect our reward and wait for the next TB which is one of the few things in this game that still offers some fun to those non p2p/pvp guilds.
  • It is simply impossible. It is to enter, to allocate anything in the defense and to collect 2 zetas, 3 omegas and the rest of the prizes. An active 165M guild takes one with 200M. There is simply no parity above 160m of active pg, it is necessary to make more prize slots, even if it is the same prize just so as not to catch someone totally disproportionate.

    Then come people saying "please go down and make less harsh criticism" and things of the genre.

    Even my students here in Brazil know how to calculate a standard deviation, set up a compensation system? No, throw the F2Ps in the mud.
  • Last 3 out of 4 TW have been very bad mismatches (~20M GP difference). If TW is supposed to be a core experience then the matchmaking has to be improved. It's no fun to be at the bottom of the 160M bracket and get hammered by a guild 20-30M GP more. We're all competitive players at that GP level so basically it's like a really good high school basketball team trying to face a professional team. I'm not purely upset about the GP difference but moreso the roster quality difference. More firepower means more efficiency and when you are both at least somewhat competitive guilds then the higher GP guild simply outguns. It would be nice to have some different strategy option on the map to mitigate this if matchmaking is going to be this lopsided.
  • Date of tw: 6/10/19
    Your guilds gp: 108m
    Opposing team's gp: 129m
    # of my guild members joined: 43
    # of opposing members joined: ?
  • We're only a moderately powerful guild (65mil) but maintaining enthusiasm and momentum is so difficult when we're constantly paired with guilds that are a good 30 mil more powerful than us. This is a consistent problem and has led to more than one player no longer actively participating in the Wars. There is zero balance and consistency. Please can you fix this as a priority over dreaming up new characters - Wars are a basic element of the game but still so flawed.
  • Date of tw: 6/10/19
    Your guilds gp: 108m
    Opposing team's gp: 129m
    # of my guild members joined: 43
    # of opposing members joined: ?
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