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    It's been a little while since I posted. Since our little experiment of sandbagging the hell out of some poor opponent in TW183 we have had TW184 (game of thrawns PUN) and TW185 (scarif whale watch) where dare I say it on the GL front we were about the same. These matches were on paper much closer and GL counts very similar - so our planning and coordination enabled us to deliver the victory. However, it has not lasted long, and on this TW186 (Dagoban) we find ourselves back to the good old sandbagging situation where we are 'that some poor opponent' facing a guild of 50 fielding 44, ourselves 48, and on the GL front 110 vs 79, so a 31 deficit. The hot utils analysis is attached. And I will post the result from TW186 in due course, but expect it to be very hard work now that non GL counters have been nerfed.

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    Gravy275 wrote: »
    Unfortunately nothing has changed…Territorial War Match Making again at its worst.
    Our guild with 11 GLs in game (some have not signed up because they are fed up with this system) are facing 23 GLs… I do not need to express again and again and again that dear CG this is not they way match making should work.
    More and more of our guild are turning away from the TWs and I can absolutely understand… why arenyou fixing this problem?

    That's **** tough. Sorry to hear about your guild. It's no fun being faced with such a deficit of GLs.We must continue to press the point that many of the PvP elements in this game need an overhaul on their match making mechanics - you only need to look at GAC for example.
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    My alt's guild got sandbagged by nearly 100m
    Fortunately to compensate for this matchup my main's guild merely got sandbagged by 90m and are playing against a top 100 guild

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    Let's add to the pile7u064sshmngw.jpeg
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    Well, I have been playing the game for a long time and am really starting to get fed up and losing interest in many aspects of the game. Match Making is BROKEN and there does not seem to be any interest by CG to fix it. CG need a to code match making to account for GL strength as a factor in match making. Today my guild just got matched to one that out GLs ours by 2-1. 109GLs against 54GLs. Are you kidding me! No sense in even playing that matchup.
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    So this thread has been open since 2018? Really? Here's another to be ignored. 153 GLs to 66. Thanks for nerfing counters.

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    It's called HotBot. It's a plug in on Discord. It has a guild compare function.
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    My guild has a bad one today.

    We have 45 players joined with 26 GLs between us all. Perry normal amount of joins for us.

    They have 39-40 players joined. (20 teams per area)
    Their guild swgoh.gg has profiles for 42 of their 47 players. It shows they have 66 GLs among the 42 with profiles. There may be more GLs in the other 5 members, who knows.

    Let's be generous in our matchmaking and say that they only had 39 players joined, and 3 of the 42 gg profiles that didn't join have 5 GLs each to remove 15 of their GLs.

    That's still at least 41 GLs to our 26.

    They could have filled 2 whole territories with GLs. They didn't need to of course. They can just put down half and be safe knowing we can't clear 20 if we put any down on d.

    A ridiculous match with a forgone conclusion no matter what we do.
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    My guild has been matching with opponents that has double GLs compare to us as well, and our defense got full cleared couple of times in last 4-5 TWs.

    I think the solution to this problem might be adding more tiers like it is done in GAC. When a few players doesn't join and we are in the 200-225 mil gp tier we got good matches. The problem occurs especially in the highest tier(225mil+).

    So adding 225-250,250-275,275-300,300-350,>350 tiers might be the solution IMO.
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    On the other end of it this time. We have 66 GLs to 35. They pretty much have no chance. Doesn't feel good on either side. We had 41 join. Imagine they had everyone join.

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    CG doesnt care. Else this would be fixed years ago. To stop sandbagging just need to match a similar number of players. It would fix most of these mismatches, but they want suffering. Suffering leads to more spending...easy
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    5 GL against 25 GL
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    It’s a **** shame continuing to read these posts. Our guild still see GL mechanics being such a major influence and deciding factor in battles. I’ll be posting more shortly on our latest TW matchups.
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    The thing is, we have not seen any evidence for a while now that these issues are being looked at by the developers other than by the Kyno and UdalCuain. The TW MM has gotten far worse since they nerfed the Non GL counter GL Characters.

    I know @CG_SBCrumb_MINI & @CG_Doja_Fett_MINI are often peppered with negative comments because of this issue but in essence it isn't their fault.

    Lets have an open conversation on this issue, lets see it discussed more as an issue and see some evidence it is being looked at, use us as players, talk to us as players. The biggest issue right now is we feel we are being ignored...


    Can you help us:
    @CubsFan2016, AhnaldT101 and APGAINS to mention just a few

    This is the Way
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    Neither Kyno nor UdalCuain are developers either.

    This has become nothing short of a total embarrassment now. I'd love to know how many TWs are effectively "decided" the moment the match is made. It's become a shadow of the game mode it once was.
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    Hey there, I am a guild leader for a young but very active guild (35M). We just had a territory war against a guild that was 20M points stronger and had multiple Galatic Legends, along with a number of Galatic Journey Tier 5 lvl heroes. My guild has "zero" Galatic Journey Tier 5 lvl heroes let alone a GL :neutral: . So I am confused and concerned about the matchmaking in these territory wars. We love battling guilds that are stronger but battling a guild with a GL is like trying to smash a brick wall with a handkerchief. I hope this feedback helps resolve this.

    Date of TW: 9/20/21-9/22/2021
    Your Guild’s GP: 33M
    Opposing team’s GP: 52M
    # of my guild members who joined: 34
    # of opposing guild members who joined: ?
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    First of all, cool name. If only Jedi Hulk was a GL

    so if you had 34 joined that would have been 17 per territory, the lowest there can be is 13... I suspect you had somewhere close to 13 which means 26 of them joined but you can go back into review and it will confirm the number of squads per territory...

    For a 34m Guild to face GL's is truly the type of issue we want to highlight

    If you want any advice please don't hesitate allycode is: 496382617 & Discord: Nate Mando Tiffer#0662

    I am sure @DarjeloSalas would also be willing to support you with any queries, he's bigger and badder than I am ;-)

    @DarjeloSalas exactly, none of these are developers, I just know Kyno has actually listened and fed back in a meaningful way but the other 2 they are the front men and I respect them as their job is tough...

    As always, lets keep them informed, let them know as long as the issue remains we won't be quiet
    This is the Way
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    With a greater incentive placed on victory, it is important that we address matchmaking and ensure Guilds are paired against fair opponents. Today’s Update reworks the matchmaking system in Territory Wars to more accurately calculate the amount of power a Guild is bringing to the holotable. Our goal with these changes is to create a more fair and balanced experience long term. This system better accounts for guilds that bring a smaller number of powerful players. Additionally, the system takes loss streaks into account during matchmaking. You might also notice that cross-divisional matchups can now occur to help smooth the transition between Divisions. (Note that the number of Defenses needed is determined by the lower Division’s Guild but each Guild’s prize pool is determined by its own specific Division.)

    Hoping silently... :)
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    I am at least grateful that they have made some changes. My guild demonstrated that the old system was very easy to rig. Let’s hope this resolves much of this. Let’s keep tracking.
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    Well the new matchmaking didn't seem to change much...

    We will demand 3 CWC shards as compensation


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    So that is what a more fair matchmaking looks like, really? With 49 teams per zones to set? How in hell do we have the slimest chance of not even winning but clearing the board?

    I am TW officer and just spent the night setting up defenses, for nothing. I don't see how this could enforce player engagment.

    And of course you guys do it other the week-end and we don't hear a thing from you...

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    Who: Greek Rebeis vs Nephalem Alliance

    When: 1-3 Oct 2021
    GP: 275m vs 317m
    Active GP: 263m vs 317m
    Joined: 46/50 vs 50/50
    Defenses to be set: 37

    I've talked with opponent's officer to get how many they joined.

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    I haven't posted anything to the forums yet but I have to say something about our matchmaking this TW, it is completely unbalanced. We have 49/50 which puts our GP at 368M. I initially thought our opponent had sat out a lot of people. Well, now that the war started their top zone has 41 Lord Vader's. They have 41 so at that point I knew at least 41 people signed up. I've also counted at least 6 people with GL Rey in the bottom zone that don't have Lord Vader. This means at least another 6 people signed up for a total of at least 47. There is no way a GP reduction from 3 people would bring their 435M GP anywhere close to 368M GP, not to mention the difference in relic levels, zeta's, etc. People choose to put themselves in top 10 guilds, they should face each other. Matching them with lower end guilds allows them to completely overpower their opponent and it is unfair gameplay.


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    Here you are - our opponents had absolutely no chance

    TW from 30.09.21 - 03.10.21

    Our guild: Clan Stardust
    Sign-up players: 48 (out of 50)
    Active GP: 249.9m (out of 256.3m)

    Opponent guild: Aussie dads
    Signed-up players: 37 (out of 44)
    Active GP: 196m (out of 230m)

    total relic GLs: 35 to 18

    Anyone can see that this cannot be a fair matchup.
    We had more active GP than they have total, even if everyone had signed up.

    Edit: We fully cleared them in 06:35 h - our record to date was about 12h (or so).
    And while they weren't too active on the attack, some of that can be attributed to knowing it wouldn't help. They ended at 1 territory.
    Summary: This was not only our quickest full clean, it was also the most decisive victory at 10:1 territories.
    Conclusion: The new matchmaking is worse than the old, and that was already bad
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    here's one more
    Dt Rogues vs Shattered Order
    310mil GP vs 360 Mil GP
    46 members joined vs 37 members joined
    total GLs 86 vs 172 MORE THAN DOUBLE
    GLs with ultimate 74 vs 158

    Its getting more difficult to beat GLs without another GL and we get a matchup that they have double our number. It was doomed from the get go. mc78t9nyytnf.png
    We don't even stand a chance at beating them
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    Yes - our first match up under the new system was interesting - giving us an advantage on our side that saw us win the match and then our second match up gave us a much bigger advantage. Probably the best advantage we have had in any match up outside of our forced sandbag example. I’ll post match up stats now.
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    First match up

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    The second match up looking much more unbalanced and in our favour. I was expecting it to be less in our favour having won the last round. On paper very one sided ……


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