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    The matchmaking in the game is significantly flawed, which created an unfair and discouraging game playing experience.
    In yesterday's TW, our guild of sub 380M GP matched with a guild of 450M+ GP. The opposing guild has about 19% higher GP than us and should have never matched with guilds in our current tier.

    Date of TW: 5/30/2022
    My guild members who joined: 47
    My Guild’s GP: 370M

    Opposing guild members who joined: 48 (calculated by the Starkiller they put in defense)
    Opposing team’s GP: 440M

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    I would say our last two TWs were mismatches (the first against us, the second in our favour):
    • Date of TW: June 2, 2022
    • Date of TW: Tuesday June 7th, 2022
    • Your Guild’s (Pertharla) GP: 249.6 M GP
    • Opposing team’s (Badly Batched) GP: 322.6 M GP
    • # of my guild members who joined: 48/50
    • # of opposing guild members who joined: Unknown.

    This guild had 1.5M more average GP, not to mention 73 GLs to our 28 at the time; seems a bit off kilter.
    • Date of TW: Tuesday June 7th, 2022
    • Your Guild’s (Pertharla) GP: 250.1 M GP (243.7M Active GP)
    • Opposing team’s (The Order of Madness) GP: 230.6 M GP (201M Active GP)
    • # of my guild members who joined: 48/50
    • # of opposing guild members who joined: 39-45/50

    For this one, the average GP seems more reasonable; ours is 4.99M to their 4.69M, and we have 29 GLs to their 24, but we have 42M more active GP participating). Again, seems a bit off-kilter.

    If you need anything else, DM me.

  • Oblivionus_SWGoH
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    Here are the last two matches we faced.
    The number behind the / are the number of 5-point penalties a guild took for extra attacks (max 2 per squad).
    rGLs are the number of relic GLs the guild has at their full strength (number of players in parentheses).

    Active GP: 302.6m vs 349.8m - Players: 48 vs 46 - Squads: 37 - rGLs: 86 vs 188 (+102)
    Us - Points: 16.627 - Territories: 3+0 - Squads: 156/51 - Fleets: 0/0 - rGLs: 87 (50)
    Op - Points: 27.993 - Territories: 7+3 - Squads: 296/45 - Fleets: 74/18 - rGLs: 200 (49)

    Active GP: 292.7m vs 333.2m-362.2m - Players: 46 vs 46-50 - Squads: 37 - rGLs: 86 vs 155-168 (+67 to +82)
    Us - Points: 20.209 - Territories: 4+1 - Squads: 156/48 (+17) - Fleets: 74/20 - rGLs: 90 (50)
    Op - Points: 25.040 - Territories: 6+2 - Squads: 256/58 (+4) - Fleets: 74/20 - rGLs: 168 (50)

    So both times, we faces a guild 2 tiers above ours.
    And with vastly more GLs than us.

    So thank you so very much CG for replacing a broken system with an even more broken system.
    And that you have absolutely no intention whatsoever to improve it.
    Instead you introduce a complex pay-to-win button with Datacrons instead of fixing matchmaking in TWs.

    [CM - Edited for profanity]
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    Normally I don't bother to bother people in a forum, but the data (for a whole year) of the TWs confirm our very bad impression of the matchmaking!

    About 85% of all TWs we play against guilds that 1. are one division higher and 2. have partly 800% more Legends.

    This not only frustrates the players immensely and in the long run, but also makes it almost impossible to build up new small guilds.

    If necessary, collected data (screenshots + Data DSR-Bot) can be sent. Nevertheless, a current example as desired.

    GP :: 150.1M vs 180.2M
    Off range :: 4168-5686 vs 4833-11106
    G13 :: 588 vs 1253
    Tier 3 :: 135 vs 249
    Tier 4 :: 79 vs 186
    Tier 5 :: 180 vs 340
    Tier 6 :: 41 vs 85
    Tier 7 :: 88 vs 206
    Tier 8 :: 6 vs 15

    and then...
    Ults :: 1 vs 13

    ...and as I said, no kidding - that's what 85% of our matches look like.

    Guild: Lichtschwertschwinger II

    We really hope that something will change here.

    Best regards and stay healthy!
    Dark Sole

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    I thought then when guilds are winning a lot in a row they are supposed to be matched higher. Apparently not.

    The results as seen after the match completed.

    Match 1 :: ❌ 14543-17316, 227.9M vs ✅ 17316-14543, 247.1M

    Streak :: 1 ❌ vs 8 ✅
    W-L-D :: 3-5-0, (37.5%) vs 8-0-0, (100.0%)

    They had been 8-0 before and we had won are last one. But they brought 20M more to the TW than we did. Based on what they fielded, they had at least 46 members in, while we had 38.

    I just don't understand what this matchmaking is supposed to be doing.
  • Jakdnels
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    Is this matchmaking working as intended?


  • Swgohitalia
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    Today 1st of august 2022
    This is our tw
    We 360 of PG playing in 49-->this mean 352m of PG
    Playing with a 430 milioni of PG guild...
    Are they playing in 20??? Maybe

    This is not the first time...
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    It is a joke.
    We are 357M GP, Opponent is 450M
    21K relics vs 42K
    They have us doubled in almost everything, especially GLs. Almost 2M more per player on average!! So brutal.
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    I am in the 502nd Elite Core and we are facing a guild called SonneMondOrden. We are getting absolutely murdered in the current TW. We have 224.2M vs 293.0M.
    We have 3449 Zetas vs their 6119 Zetas. In terms of GLS: Rey/SLKR/JML/SEE/GMK/LV, we are 3/13/7/10/2/1, they are 15/16/21/19/10/4. We have 29 Ults and they have 72. We have 1648 Relics and they have 2984. We are 4.448M average vs their 6.106M average. We never stood a chance. We are well on our way to being full cleared and have barely broken through one of their front walls. This is just absurd, how would we ever stand a chance?
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    One new thing for the mis-matching algorithm - Datacrons. We are up against a guild with 33 Level 9 Datacrons, 65 Level 6 Datacrons, 137 Level 3 Datacrons. We have 9, 46 and 106 respectively. They also have quite a few more GLs, higher GP average and higher GP overall. I can only assume that we are a gift win to the other guild. They are probably going to get rewards at least two tiers higher than us.

    I just hope we get a gift in the second match this week.

    [Sept 17]Yes - we did get a gift. It looks even more lopsided than what we faced earlier in the week. [Sept 18] We cleared them and they didn't clear any territory. These matches are not fun on either side.
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    Another terrible match up we had 49/50 sign up for 370 mil GP, they had 50/50 sign up at 437 mil. They were able to set 2 full GL zones before being even with the number of GLs we had available across the whole guild. Even being really good at tw, our only win scenario was them being really bad, and they weren't.
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    Date of TW: 8/5
    Guild GP: GotW Holy Snokes (362m) us Vs. Revenge Alliance (441m).
    48/50 joined on our side, unknown for their side, you can’t tell as far as I’m aware.
    The matchmaking isn’t a problem? Sure.

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    Droidguy_1 wrote: »
    Date of TW: 8/5
    Guild GP: GotW Holy Snokes (362m) us Vs. Revenge Alliance (441m).
    48/50 joined on our side, unknown for their side, you can’t tell as far as I’m aware.
    The matchmaking isn’t a problem? Sure.

    After the match is over you can make a good guess as to how many joined.
    In Discord you can do a TW overview after the match and at least see how much active GP was in for both sides.

    Our most recent match
    Match 1 :: ❌ 11796-16732, 280.4M vs ✅ 16732-11796, 346.6M

    So, they had 66M more active GP and so with their avg GP had possibly 8 more in.

    It seems the matchmaking is to heavily favor one of the two guilds most of the time. It rarely gives an even match.

    Our previous match was a walk for us, while this time it was a walk for our opponents.

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    This is our current match up only had 1 member not join so 49 defenses needed. They have 85 million more GP than us and over 2000 more datacrons. So it is a guaranteed loss
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    So with the last TW, I thought it was a one-off mistake. But this selection: that was the bottom of the barrel.
    Tell me, CG, have you been 'drinking varnish' or listening too much to the 'oaf' in the courtroom? You must be crazy to choose such absurd opponents.
    I know, the banal message 'we are known about the issue... blah blah blah... ' but that doesn't help anyone. Why don't you just stop tinkering with the settings that work well or are at least reasonably compatible in an uncontrolled manner and probably without a functioning quality assurance system? Because your updates are often a sheer horror. error-prone right up to the back.
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    to be honest we got tired of pointing out the absurd match making: between sandbagging and crazy matches in practice as Gilda (from over 470M) we are not given to participate in these events in a fair way. Obviously, it makes us not want to spend time on this product...
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