Some noobie questions

Hey guys, I'm a little late on the parade (2 or three days in now) and have some questions on how to get started. I'm not a stranger to these types of games so I'm not completely lost. I'm going f2p (mostly I got the week Chrystal pack thing). Getting into it now I'm now starting to think of how to build a team.

First off I've read here lumi is a huge character as she seems like a good healer. I however got extremely lucky and pulled a 4* old daka out of the bronzium card. I am wondering if I will still need lumi. I figured I get her anyway to replace the Jedi healer you start with but I don't know how many healers to run with. So far my line up is chewy, old daka, jawa, healer Jedi dude and talia. I am lacking dps so I need to be looking around for that.

I plan on pulling the 8 cronium pack when my week of Chrystal's expires, is this a good idea? Does anyone know the drop rates? I tend to be really lucky when it comes to these games and that's usually the first thing you do in these types of games so I figured that was the way to go.

So in conclusion I want to know which guys I want to be farming as of now, and the best way to farms for toons.



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    First, use crystals to refill energy at least twice a day, u need to get ur current toons to gear level 5. Otherwise it will be hard to progress thru missions. Dps is ur jawa now, he is good,

    When u hit level 40( bout a week) u can enter galactic wars...this is where u can use those gems for luminara shards.

    Use ur arena gems for sidious first.

    Catalina table... I would suggest just farm the luke mission first as luke is very good dps single target.

    Bottom line...every toon has its strength when used in a squad with appropriate synergys. Example.. Sidious gives critical bonus so toons like luke will benefit greatly from his bonus.
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    Ok I've been farming Luke there. What about pulling a 8x chromium set? My gear is almost level 5 as of right now
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    Definitely keep Old Daka. She is the only decent Dark side healer so you'll need her.

    My team is healer heavy, so I like to have two in PVP and light side and one and a half and a quater in dark side.

    I'd say get a chromium pack on the off chance you get a decent hero. Only once though. Then after that do refreshes like Sherminator said. Do you really want to be farming gear for your starter heroes now when you could start on your final squad? The only heroes I use now that I've had since the start are Chewie and Jedi C. Both in light side only.
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