Bounty Hunter Bonus Drop Messaging Confusion

Hey everyone,

I wanted to hop on and say there was a miscommunication/mistake on our side about when the Bounty Hunter drops were going to go live. Bounty Hunter Bonus Drops are intended to go live from 9/22 through 9/26 at midnight Player Local Time, meaning that for those of you in other timezones you may already see it. We normally put messaging out the day before these sort of drops, but looking at the message we did send out, we clearly didn't do a great job at setting the right timing expectations. We're all still getting in to the office, so there will be some follow up messaging shortly if there are any other inconsistencies.

I'm going to be working with team to make sure we have clearer/more precise messaging about these sorts of events in the future. Sorry this one caused such a head ache.
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