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Only been playing a few days. Is there any benefit to limiting the speed of your leveling. For example just get free bronzium packs, squad arena and the challenges so your level stays the same while you upgrade gear and shards? Or is the best option to level everything up as fast as you can. Thanks for any advice. Fun game!


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    I slowed my leveling down purposely 4 days ago so I could make sure it was fessable to keep completed GW and arena. It seems it was a good decision at this point.
  • I have gone all out and never had any problems
  • I'm at level 35 and the highest player in the arena is 41. Will I just fall behind and be unable to compete if I don't keep leveling?
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    The trick is to stop completing dailies that do not offer substantial rewards. You will not fall behind if you level by completing cantina and other battles for shards and better gear. Its the dailies that send your xp through the roof
  • That is actually a pretty solid idea. I'd assume around lvl 57-59? Makes sense to me...
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    I'm top 50 in arena so I get 725 arena tokens everyday and complete GW everyday also so that's 1200 green stuff for Lumina and then i86. You can do this as a free player or even easier with a crystal delivery everyday.
  • Thanks J7000. Would you suggest I level up quickly so I can start the GW events?
  • Balls to the wall!

    Better dudes means better arena rewards, which in turn make for better dudes, which in turn means better arena rewards, which in turn. . . See where I'm going with this?
  • All out.
    Higher lvl you are, more things you open up. This includes character shards that you can farm. I just got barress shards opened tonight to farm which is something Ive been waiting for.

    As far as GW is concerned. After about fight number 6 you'll always start fighting people higher lvl. When I was 53 I was fighting 60's. I never could finish a GW because of this. Now I'm 58 and have no issue in finishing GW.

    Finish GW gives high amount of credits, and that's a very good thing at higher lvls as it takes 50k+ to get them 1 lvl. To get sid from 6* to 7* cost 1 mil. And I get around 1.4k GW tokens after a clear. And seems you get a character shard from one of the last characters you face in the last battle ( I got a Vader shard today and was really happy getting that ), because I have gotten a shard the last 2 days from this and always a character that was in the last group.
  • I went all out and have not regretted it. GW has gotten easier as I've leveled up and now i complete it everytime.
  • The only limiting I do is timing when I claim my dailies. If I have full energy and I level up then I'm in excess and I won't regenerate any more, so I check in the top left corner of my daily rewards screen and it tells you how far away you are from leveling up. Then I make sure I don't pass that point until I have only a little energy left so as not to waste it. Other than that, all out. Out of my top 10 heroes I only have one that I can obtain gear for, so I need to level up pronto.
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  • All out, my main team is always fully geared for their level and constantly waiting on levels to upgrade abilities and equip their gear. I complete GW every day and bounce around in arena ranks 10-30.
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    Today I was moved into a new bracket so I can't hold back anymore lol
  • I'd go all out to level 43. That's where you hit some level 5 gear restrictions. GW changes everything, you want to be there as soon as possible. Then 5 star or higher your main team. I'm finding a nice sweet spot for arena is the 200 to 500 range. You don't have to kill yourself to stay in that range and you get 600 arena credits a day and 60 crystals. I'm not a pro, but I'm doing this and having a blast. Oh one more thing. Don't buy chrome packs. Use crystals to farm shards and gear by buying power refills.
  • I'll second the no buying chrome pack. Bought an 8 and a 4 and got one three star and the rest shards. Bad luck.
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    Slowing your leveling is the craziest strategy I've heard so far by a long way. The game does that for you at 60 by the way.

    What is smart is using your limited resources efficiently. If your heroes aren't keeping up with your level its because your strategy was not as efficient as it could be, or your more interested in collecting Heroes than getting the most out of the holotable rewards, fair enough if that's your thing, you'll probably always have more Heroes than I will at the rate EA will likely release new Heroes.

    There is absolutely no advantage to progression on the holotables unless it gives you access to something you need that will help you become more powerful.

    Prioritise gearing your characters up above all else as this raises your power levels the most and takes a long time.

    You will know how far you need to be on the LS & DS tables based on where you need to farm your gear. It's as simple as that.

    If you get your Heroes needed for all your squads max gear, then use excess energy for shards, preferably Heroes you already have or ones that will take months to complete because they can only be farmed from hard mode battles.

    Follow those simple guidelines and you will have the most efficient strategy. If you also happened to focus on Heroes that are/become powerful by the time you max out your squad, you will reap the benefits.
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