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Are any of you willing to lend your giant brain by having a look at my roster and telling me where I could be making.a decent score in haat? It's here https://swgoh.gg/p/722254469/characters/

Currently I only manage about it 4 million with all my toons across all phases. Could I be doing better with what I currently have?


  • jkray622
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    For Phase 1, you can solo the entire phase with CLS lead and Han Solo (just the two of them). You just get the timing down so either CLS "Use the Force" or Han's basic attack are every 7th hit, and it should push Grievous' turn meter back far enough that he doesn't get a turn.

    Around 25-30% left, try to retreat. If you need both toons to retreat, then have Han retreat first. If he fails, cycle a few more turns until the skill is off cooldown and try again. After he repeats, you can continue soloing with just CLS (if he's fast enough), until he can retreat as well.

    Phase 1 is 4 million total, so if you can get 75% of that, then that's 3million.

    If you get Ackbar up to 7 stars, then you can try:
    Ackbar lead, CLS, BB8, Raid Han, Thrawn. (aka "Big Mix")

    The higher geared the better, but a fully geared and modded squad can do the last 40% of p2, plus all of p3 & all of p4, for about 33M damage. It takes some practice, but there are videos that explain how to run that squad. It abuses CLS and Han taking extra attacks whenever non-attacking special abilities are used (like both of Ackbar's specials, BB8 2nd skill, Han's 3rd skill, and Thrawn's tm swap).

    Please note - if you aren't comfortable with the phase 1 strategy, you might try it, but be ready to retreat and not post your score if they die, and you want to use them in the other squad.
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    Thanks jkray!
  • Naraic
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    Personally when my cls and raid han were less geared I liked to run phase 1 with an extra character who can call cls or raid han for assists or give them tm and take side droids out.

    This extra character can retreat after 8 turns or whenever there is no side droids around.

    I currently run the team with hermit yoda as an extra character but that's just the to make it faster.
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    Dathcha lead with RHan/CLS makes the P1 a bit easier. Or, use Ackbar but escape him right away and just benefit from his Leadership +speed with RHan/CLS.
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    You’ve got a lot of good pieces. Here are some teams.

    CLS + Han for phase 1 (healer could help)
    Finn (zeta him), Poe, bb8, rey, R2 phase 2
    Cody, clone sargeant, fives, Leia, echo or Rex - phase 4
    Kru, plasma, foo, fo pilot, Kylo - phase 2 (work on executioner)
    Vader, palpatine, Tarkin, Tie Pilot, Thrawn - phase 3

    You can also work on asajj And zeta her unique. Use Ackbar lead, asajj, CLS, bb8 and Thrawn and you can clear p3-p4
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