Can we get an Explanation for the Tank Takedown getting buffed?

The tank can one shot characters even if they have buffs like KRU, Ventress, and Poe (not the morale ones) (Phase 2,3,&4) , the tank entering enrage even though it has one in the cooldown (P2 maybe other phases), a Visual bug in Phase 2 is when Vader, Starck, Veers, and some others do AoE's they go into a weird postion, and when you reduce Grevious' TM in P1 with CLS or Raid Han it doesn't reset the 7 hits thing, where Grevious gains 100% TM and resets his cooldowns. People in my guild have been experiencing the same things as well. If anyone else has been expirencing this please leave feedback.


  • crzydroid
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    Haven't noticed anything. The canon can hit through foresight, so that doesn't count as a buff. Even if you have a buff, you will need protection left on weaker characters to survive the canon.

    The tank counter is weird. It doesn't always update until after it takes the two turns after coming out of topple. However, I do think it puts the healing immunity on a turn early...but this is nothing new. I reported it as a bug well over a year ago.

    Haven't noticed anything with Grievous. Just have to make sure you are counting damage correctly, and also remember that the tmr will be resisted 15% of the time regardless of potency or tenacity.
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