Kit Reveal: IG-2000



  • Jtn2t
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    His attacks are powerful but he lacks the ability to inflict Breach to start up his effects. My suggestion is to have ships who can inflict Breach, such as Hound’s Tooth.
  • VonZant
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    Anyone using the 2k? Somone posted he is on a meta team. Would love some feed back from a user.
  • I’m looking to start experimenting with him now that I finished leveling, as I’m running HT and XB, seeing lots of breach. My main concern is that my 3rd starting ship usually takes some hefty damage before I can get HT taunt up, so IG-2000 will definitely melt unless I use it as a reinforcement.
  • I can only judge from fighting against it in starting lineup (with HT+XB) and as late reinforcement (e.g. after Phantom II and Vader). In both cases the ship isn't a big threat. There are better options for starting lineup next to HT+XB and also better options for reinforcements. IG-2000 might be part of a future droid meta fleet but I don't consider it to be part of a BH meta fleet.
  • I run sun fac, HT, 2000 start with Xb first reinforcement. Guarantees breach and defense down if HTs doesn’t stick. I’m usually fighting against HT and geo spy and soldier. Stun soldier with 2000 first turn, breach their HT with my HT, reinforce with xb to stick the HT breach if the first one misses. I usually don’t lose a ship until Thrawns one shot, even it goes that long.
  • Anybody else have issues with IG missing more often then all the other ships? Seems like it has very low accuracy, enough that I’ve pulled it out of my lineup. Has anyone else seen this problem?
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