Chewie Legendary Event Difficulty [MERGE]


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    For the final tier I get where you are coming from. For the earlier couple of tiers, G12 shouldn't enter into the equation.

    G7-8 for the 5* would be appropriate, G9-10 for 6*, and G11-12 for the 7* would be appropriate AND be an increase in difficulty over previous legendaries.

    There have been a number of folks who have already passed those tiers with the levels you suggested (see some of the most recent posts). I believe everyone complaining are completely overreacting...

    My bounty hunters are all gear 8 and I finally beat tier 4 after dozens of tries with just Fett left(go go BH resolve). Most of the attempts I am down a man or two before it's even my turn. So G7-G8 seemed to be a little lower than what tier 4 was tuned for. Tier 5 even says G11 on the event.
  • - The Chewbacca event is absolutely ridiculous

    Current fix involves spending ~50000$
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    Let's assume that you just started with SWGOH... You have to prepare 5 Phoenix toons on gear 8-9. And 5 BH on gear 12+... Where are sense and logic?

    If you've just started playing a game surely you're not expecting to be able to get all the best gear/toons/facilities of that game immeidately?

    I agree this is a difficult event, but they said it would be. All this outrage at not being able to fully max a new character on the first go is over the top imo. I'm not a whale, I'm not toatlly FTP (I'll buy crystal packs when on offer and ocassional shard packs) but I certainly don't plough money into the game.

    I've unlocked Chewie at 5 star. I can't beat tier six with a team that would usually beat a mythic event. Am I going to walk away? No. I'll see what further developments are down the line - For all we know, by the time this event comes round again we may be at g14 with level 90.

    This is the first legendary event I've unlocked the toon in question first time round, so I'm actually pretty happy.
  • I beg you all, leave these posts alone as they are. Since it is well known that very little of players concerns are ever addressed, let this be a lesson to the developing team. They need to understand how far the carrot over their head held by EA has gone. This is one way to open their eyes.

    It is pure madness to call this event "hard" or "difficult". Certainly most of these customers (not freeloaders) are very upset. The team needs to see what is transpiring with these benchmarks that are freequently being set by "tested content". I challenge you to test this content on an actual game-like server, not the free everything right away server. Maybe then, some reason can arise between the devs and testers.
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    i got 7* thrawn with a 60k phoenix squad... it was very difficult

    i lost about 15 times on tier V with a 81k bounty hunters with some of the best mods i have. half of my attempts i lost a character before i got a turn. oh all my gear lvls are between g10-g11

    i see guys posting about having g12 toons with zetas still cant beat the event.

    requirements for the event should not be a PERFECT bounty hunter squad. tone down difficultly guys

    Gear 12 wasn't a thing when thrawn came out.
    We should all understand by now how CG does nothing to limit powercreep.
    They choose to make money now instead of having the game last for years down the road. It is standard in today's gaming landscape.

    If he was talking about T7 you would be correct. He is talking about tier 5.
  • managed to beat last tier with g12 bossk (L) zeta on lead +91 speed, g12 boba +74 speed, g12 dengar +5 speed, g12 greedo +40 speed, g11 cad bane +81 speed. it required a bit rng at the start so cad and greedo keep alive. after that taunt with bossk and try and keep chewie stunned.wg41i0n8jgml.jpg
  • There is no comparison. Its like a medieval army fighting in a modern battlefield.
  • I want to know everyone can pass t7 in this event by lowest gear.
    I passed t7 by very good rng with team
    Bossk(l) g11,boba g11,cad g9,greedo g12 and dengar g11.
    For get detail to other gearup bh team can’t passed T7.
  • Good for you... I unlocked him too, but 7* requirements are too high...
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    Farewell. It's sad to see this game lose another wave of players due to greed. I am currently thinking about some replacement, but MSF turned out bad and I can't think of anything else...

    Tell me if you find one I'm thinking of leaving this game too
  • ddgc4yhh5sl2.jpg

    Just to show
  • What speed?
  • I have g12 zBossk, g11 boba and Greedo, g10 ig-88, g9 Dengar.
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    Good for you... I unlocked him too, but 7* requirements are too high...

    So you're upset because you can't max him within half a day of his release... Maybe you'll be able to next time. Is it that big a deal? Really?
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    This event is ridiculous and undermines any fun playing this game

    This is where I am at. I play this game for fun. This event **** the fun out. I was having fun with the bounty hunters i worked on for this event. Using them in arena(I'm in the 2-3k range) was a nice change of pace from my empire team.
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    You are clearly missing the point that BH-s before the rework ware not worth gearing up, cos' they ware junk (except Boba Fett), and everybody knows that the Thrawn legendary event was doable to unlock him at 5*, with no headache. I could get a 7* Thrawn with only G8 phoenix team. It was not easy but for the 30 try i did get him with good RNG. This legendary event is just pure trash, a slap to the face to all F2P players, and a cash grab from CG as usual.

    Ppl been using dengar at rancor, and BH being reworked at late April.
    DSTB P6 needs them so why you left them behind...?

    Rancor was doable without Dengar with zVader teams, so nope.. Yes TB needs them but so does Probe droid node which needs the imperial troopers, and they ware much more viable in every way in the game then BH-s before the release of Bossk. I have all the old BH-s on G8, Boba Fett G10, Bossk was no prio on my list at that moment F2P players could start to farm him. If you look at the other legendary events like Thrawn, with this gear lvl you could beat T7. It was not easy, but you could. I can't beat T5 with this gear level BH's, and thats why this event is broken, and a cash grab.
  • @Affy yes, because I spent a lot of time on SWGOH and I prepared my BH on MUCH HIGHER level that previous tons for previous events... I don't want to give them gear 12... I prefer many other characters before them...
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    Tier 5 says g11, I beat it with 4 g9 bh (Boba greedo 5*bossk IG ) and 6* g6 Cad

    ... what are we whining about? It's hard, requires a few attempts to make a strategy, but unlocking the character is possible.
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    I struggled and had fun to unlock him at 5* with g9. It's been a year since the last legendary, so it's harder. Seems fine to me
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    We didn't have any new legendary event since BB-8 which was one year ago (HJ doesn't count) and now that we finally have one, it's lame. Usually you can clear a legendary event (tier 7) with G8 toons, arena mods and good strategy. But this Chewie event is a cash grab/p2w/whale fiesta. Impossible to clear at tier 6 without new BH, or a zBossk G12 (which is still half F2P imo) because the gear requirements are **** and OG BH are too weak without Bossk (can't even trigger the contract, you get OS by Han( who can't be stunned and counters :D)). This is scandalous and you CG have to balance this horrible event with a hotfix asap.

    Gear 6 is possible i did it with this team with dengar g8 (i geared him after)... actually the key is dengar who prevent r2 invisibilitycmohclzynyrd.png
  • I got to 6* Chewie, after an hour and a half of constant trying on tier 6. Even if I got my Bossk's last 4 shards, I don't see me getting 7* this time with this kittenshow. I guess I'll have to hope that a 6* Chewie can keep my Rebels relevant in arena unless I can miraculously get Dengar and Greedo to g12 in the next 7 days.
  • I can't speak for others, but for me there is a huge difference in unlocking a character, and getting them 7 stars. I am under no illusion that my little gear 8 bounty hunters should be able to get me a 7 star chewie(even though none are higher than 5 stars but even if they were.) There seems to me that there was a tier that was skipped in this event. T1 seems normal as does T2. Tier 3 difficulty appears to be where tier 4 should be, and 4 where T5 should be. This would make T7 where a mythic should be. The event is already tough due to who they are using in the battle, and giving them all a turn or two before you can do anything.
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    @Affy yes, because I spent a lot of time on SWGOH and I prepared my BH on MUCH HIGHER level that previous tons for previous events... I don't want to give them gear 12... I prefer many other characters before them...

    I'm not defending CG here -I agree the event is probably more difficult than it needs to be (especially given the lack of legendary events recently) however, I can't see your logic for being upset. You knew the requirements were an exceptionally high level faction. Yet you are complaining that you can't complete the event, requiring that faction, because you don't want to level them to the required level? They said all along, this would be more difficult than previous legendaries so, again, why are you upset that you can't do it if you haven't followed the guidelines they set out?

    I want to get him if I can, so I'm ging to try and gear up some of my lower BH's to G12 (they're a good faction to have with the new galactic bounty events and the introduction of their ships. Plus they have specific challenges in TW). If I can get him to 6 star then I'll be extremely happy as my guild is running Tier 6 of the sith raid so he'll be viable. If I dont, oh well, I'll carry on working on them and I'll get him next time.

    Am I suprised that a very strong BH team can't complete this challenge, yes, am I a little dissapointed, yes. Am I going to sacrifice a game I thoroughly enjoy over not being able to do everything that is released at the first attempt. No. If I could do everything first time, what challenge/point is there in playing the game anyway?
  • It's a much harder event. Loving it. Nice to have another challenge in the game.

    Also if Chewie is needed for the next hero's journey - hell yeah he should be hard to get.
  • Regarding his Freedom Fighter ability. I personally think this ability should not miss. It should also ignore defenses and Foresight. Why? By using this ability while prepared, he uses up prepared. Which means if a light side scoundral dies while he's not prepared, then they're dead (his zeta). He may sacrifice his prepared status to heal an ally and if it misses, well, total waste of a turn.

  • First, if you have dengar is possible, second in your first round you shot execute on chewie, probably the 2 survived will be boba and dengar, then you kill chewie, after that is easy... aoe from both boba and dengar then one shot one kill on all the other...(probably os better to kill r2 as second).
    I did it at the 2 try, order of kills: chewie, r2, leia, han, lando
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