Marquee and Legendary Schedule

After the release of the Chewbacca event, I want to examine what I believe to be a major error on the part of CG, and that is the schedule of releases of Marquee and Legendary characters.

When I first read that CG’s plan was to release a bunch of marquee characters in the first half of the fiscal year with legendary events to follow in the second half, I was actually pretty excited. That meant we were in store for a lot of great Legendary characters in the next several months! Maybe even a Hero’s Journey or two! Awesome! It wasn’t until today that I realized the mistake in this schedule, and it is not that people got tired of marquees.

Legendary characters have generally been META defining. If they weren’t, they were reworked so they became so. This is something with which I agree. They are generally harder to get, as you need to farm and gear 5 characters to get them, and are reserved for significant characters in the Star Wars Universe. They SHOULD be good and META defining.

But what happens when the META gets redefined every two months? In particular, what happens when that new META defining legendary is so difficult to obtain, requiring 1+ months of not just shard farming, but gear farming also just to get that legendary? That means you are unlikely to be able to get them at the first round, and by the second they'll be obsolete.

This isn’t a cash grab in my opinion. I don’t think a lot of money is made in panic farming gear. It’s made mostly with the shard farming packs, which this event has made clear, 7 stars isn’t nearly enough if the rest are tuned this way.

This is, IMO, simply very poor planning with regard to thinking of the consequences of this schedule. I think that this will be very disheartening for the majority of the player base, and even more so to the P2P players. They are who cares about having the latest META, and that will be changing even more rapidly and significantly than normal.

I’m not normally a complainer or a doom-and-gloomer, but I don’t think this is going to be a good time for the game. I’m expecting the game to have bigger losses in sales and players over the next 6 months than the rest of the game’s life combined.
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