Territory Battle P2P Platoons

In the current TB, which is in phase 4, the ships platoon mission contain P2P character in 5/6 platoons, with the 6th requiring landos ****, which is still a stretch for most players.

I get that the game needs to make money etc, and I myself as a F2P player do try to make the occasional small purchase to help support the game, but this just seems harsh at phase 4. This issue isn’t exactly specific to this TB but this one I think has gotten a little too harsh!

My suggestion which is:

Phases 1-3 platoons - 6 x F2P, 0x P2P
Phase 4 platoons - 4 x F2P, 2 x P2P
Phase 5 platoons - 2 x F2P, 4 x P2P
Phase 4 platoons - 0 x F2P, 6 x P2P

I feel this would not alienate free to play while still giving pay to play a reason to pay.
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