In Depth 7* Chewbacca Guide

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share my post that I also made on reddit for getting 7* Chewie.

Before we get started, for those of you that are not yet aware, this event is very difficult. Near impossible to even get 5* Chewbacca without at least half decent gear (G9 or so) and you won't stand a chance at 6* or 7* without great gear. If you are currently panic farming Bounty Hunter characters right now in hopes to be able to get him, stop now. You won't be able to get him in time for this event unless you have the gear ready to get to at least G9-10. Take your time instead and get him the next time he comes around.

For all tier levels I ran zBossk (G12) lead with Boba Fett (G12), Embo (G12), Dengar (G9), and Greedo (G9). The only two which I see as being necessary are Bossk and Dengar, however, there have been reports of people who have beat it without Bossk. Bossk lead gives you the survivability necessary to survive the initial onslaught, some sustainability as well from his zeta, and a relatively easy contract that also gives more speed. Dengar is absolutely necessary because in order to have a good run, you must have Dengar gain stealth from being critted so that you can prevent R2D2 from being able to smoke screen his whole team (more on that later). On my successful tier 7 run, I killed R2 last, and I would recommend you do the same. If possible, I highly recommend using Embo since he can hit very hard and dispel buffs on his regular attack but he is not necessary. I stacked speed mod sets with pretty good overall mods but not the best either, landing around +70 to +80 additional speed. All of the enemies have very high speed so you want to get as much as you can to be able to get turns in.

Link to my characters and mods:

Besides the sheer strength of the stats possessed by the enemy, the abilities and passives also make this event extremely difficult. BH relies heavily on crits, ability block, and stuns. Chewie is immune to ability block, and guard makes it so that not only can't Han and ROLO be critted or stunned, but also so that the CD on Chewies Furious Bowcaster gets reduced every time they take damage which in turn can reset the cool down of pulverize buffing them and dispelling you. You can see how this together is a hard counter to the kit available to BH.

I touched on this just before, but in order to have a good run, you should look for a few things in your RNG. First is that you need Dengar to gain stealth from being critically hit (most likely by Chewies Pulverize) before R2 uses Smokescreen. Dengar's unique makes it so that if he has stealth, the enemy can't gain stealth, effectively causing R2 to waste a turn and allowing you to focus on Chewie instead. Then, in a very ideal run, you want to see that your Greedo is the one to take the stun. I got the furthest when Greedo was the one stunned because I needed my Embo to pump out damage and Bossk to get his taunt + frenzy up. My first move was from Boba, my fastest character, who would use Execute on Chewie. My reason for this and not using DFA is because it would allow Chewie to get off another furious bowcaster/pulverize a lot quicker. Chewie was always the character I went for first. Following that, Bossk taunt and then Embo throwing his helmet, giving Bossk another turn to use hunting party. On my best runs, by the time I got to use hunting party, Chewie had become the weakest character already, which would get me very close to completing my contract.

After Chewie is killed, it is not over just yet, but you've made it a long way. Don't let your guard down and make sure you're still playing it safe. Now that the Guard buff is down, you are able to inflict some serious damage with a lot more safety. Your next target will be ROLO since she is the weakest overall and you don't want her to get another cast of rebel barrage off. In the meantime keep Han CC'd if possible until she dies and then prioritize him as your next target. After Han goes down, its pretty safe to say that you have the event done provided you still have 3 BH alive. Finish off Lando and then finally R2. Congrats on unlocking 7* Chewbacca.

Final Notes
  • Remember that this event is very difficult. Don't get frustrated if you're losing, even with the gear. It took me many tries and playing around with what worked best for me.
  • You don't need all G12 characters, but it certainly helps. The same goes for optimizing mods, however, I would put around what I have (maybe a bit below) to be the minimum without needing over 200 tries.
  • My Greedo died quickly in almost every match. It's ok to lose him early on and if you're going to lose any of them, he is probably the best one to have die. If you have his zeta, that is less true, but the other guys are more important.
  • Finally, if you don't get him this time around its okay. There will be more chances and you will get him next time now that you are ready. I was only ready to get him because I've been farming BH for a while just because I thought they were cool. Lucky me that my "wasted" farming paid off. Aim to get him to at least 5 stars this time around and then slowly keep building up your BH squad. By the next time he comes around, Embo will be completely farmable, as well as Aurra. On top of that, the changes to the Sith Raid and all raid drops will make it even easier to do the higher tiers and get better rewards.

I really hope this helps at least somebody and please don't get too frustrated. Remember, its just a game and he will be coming back again. I know it is annoying how difficult it is, but hey, at least its not another marquee. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


  • This is really good - infomative, well-written, clearly-structured.

    Thank you.

    I was thinking maybe I could just about get myself a 5* Chewie in the remaining days the event is on. But...the more I think of it, probably not...but will try. If not - next time...that Wookie will be mine! Bwah hahaha!

    Your thoughts on Cad Bane? I don't remotely like him...but it seems I have him at 7* and at a half decent gear level...
  • I think Ive read someone do it without Dengar. I wonder if its actually possible, based on this guide.
  • Thank you!
  • @CoastalJames without bossk (or jango, aurra or embo), cad bane is your best option. I tried with ig88 g11 and cad bane g9, and they both die instantly most runs... But on those where they don't, cad bane can stun and that is amazingly useful.

    I eventually got it with boba g12, greedo g11, zam g10, cad and dengar g9. Took many many attempts until rngesus showed me mercy. On that run I killed Chewie, and could then stun and kill Han. With those 2 gone, it's "easy". Even so, only greedo (barely) and boba (after 2 revives) survived the battle. Zam died in the opening salvo.
  • @Acrofales - very interesting and helpful mate, thank you.
  • Seeks, great outline, the only bit i disagree with is the "stop now" comment. If u dont have enough BH or they r low geared, focus on them now and keep trying. I ran a TON of battles b4 i got 7* and lost with the SAME team on a few 6*. Keep upgrading so u know what u need if u cant beat the event this time.
  • Do you think it's possible to do it without Dengar ?

    I actually run a zBossk g12, Boba g12, IG, Bane, Greedo g11 (0 pieces) and i still got difficulty. Except the fact that I need to retry in differents cases : r2 start with everything else than basic, Chewie resist on Bane's stun ..

    I've try differents way of modding, the best results were with Boba CD/CC, Bane potency, Greddo CD/CC, Bossk Health/protection, IG potency. (all thoose mods are my tops mods so +80 to +150 speed for thoose 5 sets.

    My gear level is quite good, but i really think dengar is essential... :(
  • Would love to hear of someone doing this without Dengar and with og bhs. Like boba, cad, ig88, Greedo and zam.

    I’m feeling a little frustrated that the event seems to hinge on just one toon ( or the new panic farmed ones)
  • Demerzel
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    I've been trying for the past 4h, with gear 11 OG BH (no Dengar no Bossk) and G12 Bobba
    I'm starting to see a strategy forming, but I think it will require them to gear 12.
    The point is to have r2 go with any other ability then invisibility, and have a bit of luck with rolo's ability block.
    After that it can go well, exactly like above:
    - Bobba Fett executes chewie
    - Greedo removes turn meter from r2
    - Cad Bane stuns r2
    - Greedo turn comes again because of r2's turn meter, and kills chewie (or leaves him low hp)

    I'm gonna try a bit more and repost if it worked with g11...

    Basically restart always if:
    - r2 goes invi
    - rolo abilities block bobba fett, greedo or cad bane
    - anyone dies (except bobba, he can die once), you might be able to get away with ig88 dying as well...
  • I unlocked him at 7star with: zbossk g12 zBobba Fett g12 Greedo g8 zam g11 IG88 g10. Took about 2 hours of trying with my arena mods.
  • @Acrofales - I’ve had a tough time with a similar team composition.. could you note generally what mods you used? Cheers
  • Thank you for this post, I can assure you this info will help me and others!
  • New Rebel pattern appeared 1700 hours PTZ standard. I did 100 attempts and every time the Rebel team focus attacked a single BH until dead then moved to the next BH until ROLO and Lando AOEd the remaining hunters.

    GS12 Boba 250 Speed, GS11 IG and Cad 181 speed, GS 10 Greedo 168 speed and GS 9 Dengar rocking 220 speed all hunters Pot Mods maxed to level 15. Boba in Arena Quality 5A Crit Dmg / Crit Chance mods. 280% Crit damage bonus 68% Crit Chance before leadership applied.
  • @Acrofales - I’ve had a tough time with a similar team composition.. could you note generally what mods you used? Cheers

    It is tough. Takes a LOT of resets. Mod for potency and speed: potency crosses and a single potency set on all. Then speed/crit dmg/offense sets on the other 4. My speeds were all above 230, except perhaps Dengar. Seeing as I moved mods around quite a lot, I don't remember the exact numbers, but I plundered most of my arena mods for it. Turn order isn't too important, but greedo before boba gives you crit chance up when you execute chewie, which essentially guarantees the crit. In many runs, greedo died and I just kept going anyway, but greedo was an important toon in my successful run.
  • Thanks this is a very useful strategy guide an all makes sense/matches my own observations.

    Hmm I have unlocked Chewie at 5* (mostly by luck) and am at a bit of a loss as to what to do now. I have Boba g10, Zam g10, greedo g9 and IG88 & Cad g8. I know I have a long way to go to get Chewie 6/7* so I am thinking ahead for the next event in say three months time.

    I have Bossk and Dengar at 4*, should I focus on getting these 7* and gear these guys or just gear my current squad?

    My feeling it I should write off IG88 & Cad, and focus on Bossk and Dengar as they seem pretty critical to the whole operation. Any thoughts?

    Also I would add that I love this event, even though I can't do it! gives me a reason to invest in bounty hunters and gave me some focus again!
  • @DangerO I’ll post my team if I make it (without bossk), but close to acrofales team gear. From what I’ve heard, it seems much more doable with Bossk, so my plan is to prep him for the next legendary if I don’t make this one. Dengar is pretty vital IMO- prevents smokescreen quite consistently so you can focus in the appropriate order.

    @Acrofales - cheers man, thanks for the info! I might just have a chance; though my Cad is g11 and my Greedo is g9... we’ll see how vital greedo is 😬.
  • Happy to report- after much frustration I got 7*
    Bobba g12, Cad g11, IG88 g11, dengar g10, greedo g9.
    Needed a round where dengar is stealth right off the bat and everyone survived without ability block.
    Had to spend a zeta on greedo to get his stun in on wookie. Since no debuffs cling to chewie, I stuck with cc him with greedo then dengar.
    Even at g11 IG88 is low hp so only survived one ability then died.
    As debuffs stick to Lando I knocked him out to give boba a 2nd resurrect.
    By this point it was just dengar and boba.
    Then went chewie, Han, rolo. In the end it was boba vs r2 and ended with about 100hp! 😅
    Good luck y’all! Hope that helps.
  • Thank you so much for this! I just went against a chewie team that destroyed me so it got me thinking, "When is he coming back around?!?" I looked and mine is at 5* from last time and my BH's are really good..problem is I was missing a decent 5th BH. This time around I have a half decent Greedo and I should have time to get them beefed up before chewie comes back!

    Thanks again, was really helpful!
  • MeesaJarJarBinks
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    Thanks so much! I tried probably 30-50 times and at most killed 3 enemies. Then I beat it on the first try after reading this. The key was focusing on Chewie first. Once he was down the rest were easy. I did it with Boba(12), Bossk(11), Greedo(11), Cad(11), and Dengar(11). Greedo didn’t make it...
  • So I completed 7* without Dengar... it was disgustingly painful, took around 4 hours... did it with zBossk g12, Boba g12, IG g11, zGreedo g11 and Cad Bane g11... unlike this guide, it’s totally necessary to kill R2 first, then RNG comes into play, but I did take Chewie 2nd, Landó 3rd, Han and Leia last... so it’s possible for the ones wondering around, but it will be a grind... good luck
  • As ive got another 3 months what is the best bounty hunter team possible for this event and use in general.

    Im farming bossk and jango at the minute but I do not want to waste any gear
  • This is a great post and really helped me get the strategy down. Took me about 3 hours before rng Jesus had mercy on me but your tips are dead on. Rage with Bossk, execute with boba, then Bossk hunting party special, kill Chewie, kill Leia, kill han, etc.

    Anyone that’s still struggling, have patience and be persistent. Rng will eventually fall right for you. My team isn’t all that good either.
    G9 bossk, g12 boba, g12 Dengar, g11 cad, g11 greedo. No zetas, no special mods. If I can do it, you can too. Don’t give up if you’re close.
  • MasterSeedy
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    Bossk is great, Jango is great (though I don't have him), but definitely don't forget to invest in Dengar.

    While it's possible to do it without him, and even with him you're going to need to restart a number of times, killing Chewie first is the optimal strategy. Dengar's unique preventing opponent Stealth allows you to target Chewie before wasting a lot of time against r2.

    It may sometimes be necessary to kill Lando even before Chewie if Lando gets his AoE rolling early, but again, r2 almost always assigns the passive-tank roll to itself, so Lando's going to have stealth too without Dengar.

    I've got 5x g12 BH, including Bossk, Boba, CadBane, Greedo & Zam. My thermal detonator team works really well most of the time, and I had avoided spending on Dengar so I could keep the gear flowing from the Guild Store.

    After the last event (when my BH were much weaker, but still deadly with the Greedo/Zam combo) when I failed hard, I decided to get Dengar. he's at 88/100 right now b/c I didn't expect the event to come back quite so quickly, but I'll still be fine. I've been setting aside gear for about 5 days now, and the only thing I'm really lacking is Carbantis, so Dengar's gear level is going up as fast as I can get them.

    In the meantime, I played the event more than 20 times with the g12 BH squad I've got, experimenting with both Boba and Bossk leads. I've never come close to beating it. Best run killed Chewie, Lando & Rolo (I would have liked to get RH, but I needed a guaranteed Boba revive b/c he was so low, so I killed ROLO first). But by that point it was Boba standing alone, and I got taken down pretty easily between RH's stun and R2's stun + the damage from RH's basic.

    I know some people have played it many more times, and I'm sure I could break through, but since i'll have Dengar in a day or two I've suspended my efforts to try when it's easier.

    I'll report back on how much of a difference it makes and ultimately which character got swapped out.

  • I did it with boba lead g12, bossk g12, ig88 (g12-still wordlessly squishy for this teir), Greeedo g10, cad g11. I did this the first tim the event came out and was gearing g up probably had 300 attempts. Not having dengar means that even if you survive the initial onslaught you often get stuck targeting someone other than is a pain to do it without him, but possible.
  • krok wrote: »
    Do you think it's possible to do it without Dengar ?

    I actually run a zBossk g12, Boba g12, IG, Bane, Greedo g11 (0 pieces) and i still got difficulty. Except the fact that I need to retry in differents cases : r2 start with everything else than basic, Chewie resist on Bane's stun ..

    I've try differents way of modding, the best results were with Boba CD/CC, Bane potency, Greddo CD/CC, Bossk Health/protection, IG potency. (all thoose mods are my tops mods so +80 to +150 speed for thoose 5 sets.

    My gear level is quite good, but i really think dengar is essential... :(

    How did you do with this line up?
  • @Armyofone & @Mephisto_style :

    Army of one said:
    I did it with boba lead g12, bossk g12, ig88, Greeedo g10, cad g11. I did this the first time the event came out and ... had 300 attempts. Not having dengar means that even if you survive the initial onslaught you often get stuck targeting someone other than is a pain to do it without him, but possible.

    Mephisto asked krok:
    How did you do with this line up (zBossk g12, Boba g12, IG, Bane, Greedo g11)?

    I ran a very similar lineup to both Krok & Army of One. It just subbed in Zam for IG. The Zam/Greedo Thermal Detonator synergy is very helpful, especially since the enemy is loaded up with health and the Health% effects of TDs can dish serious damage when the right circumstances come together. But there's really very little difference between the squads - Zam is also fairly squishy. She gets stealth which helps, but only after surviving the first volley.So while it's not exactly that team, i think I can speak pretty well to the dynamics.

    I restarted a bunch of times - and I mean a BUNCH - before I got Dengar. My Dengar was 6* + 60/100 or something like that when the event started. I was trying to finish off without spending crystals, so I was at the mercy of the Guild Store RNG. I knew I'd get him by the end of the week long event, but thought I'd try without.

    Restarting. Did. Not. Help.

    You have to be insanely lucky to make it work without Dengar. The only way this really works without Dengar is if R2 decides to use Burning instead of Stealth on its first turn, then you have to use a stun or ability block on r2 before attacking Chewie, and it has to land on the first try even with the Tenacity bonus from ROLO leadership. Then you have to polish off Chewie before r2 gets up and running again and stealths him. If he gets stealth before he dies, he heals back up in no time.

    If everything works just right, and if you have just the right strategy (stun or ability block r2, then focus fire on Chewbacca, NEVER use AoE attacks) I'm sure you can do it. A number of people have said in the forums that they've managed it and I believe them - if a million people are playing this game then if one person has to restart 1000 times to get the right RNG then that means 1000 people out of 1,000,000 are going to get the right RNG on the very first try and think it's easy. But the fact is that it requires a completely unrealistic number of restarts, and that assumes you've got lots of firepower and just the right strategy.

    In the end, my Dengar was easily finished with 48 hours to go. I popped Dengar into the lineup instead of Greedo, kept Cad Bane for the Stun+Dispel+NoEvade attack, and went to work. I can't remember how many attempts it took, but I saw an instant difference in how far I was getting. On the 3rd attempt I took Chewie down but had some bad luck after that and lost a 2-BH-on-1-r2 fight at the end. Still, that was **very** heartening. It was somewhere 6-10 attempts in that I got another attempt like my 3rd, but Zam didn't die early, and with her force-detonating TDs I finished quite easily, losing only Boba (others got low on health in the first couple volleys, but they healed up to max as the fight went along b/c of Bossk's lead).

    The difference for me with and without Dengar was stark. I ended up winning the fight subbing a g9 Dengar for a g11 Greedo. 3 x g12, 2 x g11 couldn't get close. 3 x g12, 1 x g11, 1x g9 finished it pretty quickly when the g9 toon was Dengar.

    You've got plenty of time before the next Chewbacca event. Plan now for 7* Dengar. I'm not saying you can't do it without it, but it's the difference between 6-12 hours of straight restarts vs. 10-20 minutes of restarts. Even zBossk isn't as important as g9 Dengar.

    My final squad, for the record, was
    zBossk (g12, L), Boba (g12), Cad Bane (g12), zZam (g11), Dengar (g9).

    On my successful run Boba got taken out (permanently! They killed him TWICE!) without a chance to move, and I thought I'd rely on him for offense. That's how important Dengar is. I think I could have done it with straight g10s with Dengar, although it might have required more restarts, I'm not sure.
  • I did it without Dengar, as few members of my guild! Just count on RNG, that's it, no strategy, it doesn't really help... Just try to kill chewie first, and then lando or han, its only depending on RNG...
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