Zeta advice requested

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Looking for a little advice - with Jedi Rey's event announced this month, I'll finally be able to complete my team of:

Jedi Rey
Scav Rey
Resistance Trooper

(I think this is the generally accepted team for phase 1 of the sith raid? Correct me if I'm wrong on that)

I'll have enough materials for two zetas. Jedi Rey's leadership seems like a no-brainer, but I'm not sure where I want the second. I'm leaning towards one of R2's, but I'm not sure if his stat-sharing would be more useful than clearing debuffs on a crit. BB's Roll w/ the Punches also seems really good.

Also: Is Scav Rey's zeta as "meh" as I think it is? Daze is neat and all, but it's not that great, and a zeta that gets disabled by literally any debuff seems sort of lackluster.


  • Jarvind
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    Er, did I pick the wrong subforum for this? Mods please feel free to move it, if so.

  • R2's auto cleanse is a great Zeta, particularly for P1 Sith. All the zetas on R2, BB8, and JTR are worth it. Scavenger Rey is NOT.
  • For P1, I have RJT Leader, zzBB8, and R2 Number Crunch. My preference was to do RJT lead and BB8 RWTP first and I didn't have any regrets there.
  • You do not want number crunch for P1
    You want combat analysis as stated above. Combat analysis is the key to big scores inP1
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