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So, i'm new to the game, got to 85 just recently, and I'm going to get CLS this month.

So my question is, who should I farm to help me get better damage on the HAAT? My guild does the Heroic, so tips like: Ignore fase X or Z are valid.

I've been told that CLS is good enough to solo phase 1 with reentries. I like this kind of strategy.

Here's my SWGOH page:

Basically I'de like tips for who to farm, what teams to build, how to handle them, all this in order to get better damage in the Raid so I can get better loot, and possibly more than 6 shards per Raid.

TY all in advance.


  • Twopac187
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    zVader (L), Wampa, thrawn, bb8, and cls is a team that can solo most, if not all of the heroic aat. I don’t try very hard and easily get 7-10 million damage

    For tips on how to run the team, just search wampanader on YouTube
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    Wampa is kinda far from my reality. So is bb8.
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    To do solo phases in HAAT u basically need CLS and han solo (rancor) at high gear (11-12) for the first phase.

    For other phases u need either assaj ventres (rampage Z)/wampa/young han solo and mostly BB8...

    Since bb8 is needed to get jedi rey and shes also great for HAAT and sith raid u could try to get him xD
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    Imperial troops do quite a lot of damage and they are enerally easier to farm than a Wampanader team, but they cannot solo the raid. They will give you a lot immure damage though, especially on stage 2. Death trooper is key, shore trooper is a great asset, and those two are the hardest of the imp troopers to grind.

    Since your goal is CLS, I do recommend you gear and level up Leia, Luke, and Stormtrooper Han a bit more.

    I’m assuming you’re ready to get R2 to 7 stars this time, so I would start hoarding gear for him to be at least gear 9.
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    I've hoarded 25 million credits and 140 Sienars, I'm confident that I have enough to take R2 to gear 8 or 9.

    I'm pretty confident that CLS is within my grasp.

    BB8 isn't because there's no time to farm the FO in like, 2 weeks. I was expecting him to at the end of next month(As data suggests he would be). Next time for sure I'll get him.

    The problem with the Trooper team is Shoretrooper, who isn't a close reality for me. Is he a must have on the trooper team?

    And again, I have no delusion of soloing the HAAT. I just don't want to continue doing lesse than 1 million damage. Any combination of teams that would give me 2 or 3 million is fine already.
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    With just CLS and raid han u can do the whole first phase (4,5kk or so) in 10-15 min xD
  • YKMisfit
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    Definitely aim for getting BB8. First Order teams do well in the HAAT in all 4 phases (mostly 2-4, but they're ok in P1 as well as long as you include FOTP) so investing in them won't be a waste. In fact, they're great in pretty much every game mode.

    But BB8 is a must in most good HAAT teams. zFinn Resistance teams for P2 benefit greatly from having him. Wampanader, the above YOLO team, ABC all use and need him.

    If your guild is already doing HAAT, then chances are you're going to have someone using one of those teams that clears the raid from the end of P2 onward, or at least will when you get some of these teams built. So for that reason, I wouldn't bother building a P3 team or a P4 team. The raid will be done by the time you get to those phases.

    Your best bet is to get CLS geared and put the zeta on IBAT as soon as possible for P1. Build a FO team to get BB8, and farm Finn/RT/RP/Poe along with giving Finn his zeta as well. That will give you a toon to clear P1, and 2 very strong teams to hit P2 with (Resistance & FO). You could do anywhere from 6-8M total with those 3 teams alone.

    For a bonus later on, add (and zeta) Asajj, Akbar, and Thrawn and you'll have a team that can carry you all the way through the rest of the raid (you'll have to escape BB8 in P2 and CLS in P1) without needing either Wampa or Hermit Yoda who are incredibly long term farms.

    EDIT - Now that I've seen your above post and looked at your roster, I'd say your best chance to significantly increase your standing will be with CLS when you get him later this week. Phoenix isn't a great HAAT team, but you'll probably get the most out of them in P2.

    I would still build a Resistance team under zFinn but use Rey (or R2) in place of BB8 until you can get the soccer ball. In fact, you could also be farming Asajj and Ackbar from the squad arena store as they won't interfere with Resistance or FO. From there, you'll have the ABC team already in place once you get BB8 on his next run.

    If you're going to plan your next farms with HAAT in mind, I would do this:

    Cantina Battles: KRU > FOE > Kylo Ren > Finn
    Cantina Store: FOO > Poe
    Guild Store: Kylo Ren and RT
    Squad Store: Asajj > Ackbar
    Galactic War: Phasma > Resistance Pilot
    Fleet Store: FOTP / Ackbar
    Hard Nodes: Resistance Trooper and FO Stormtrooper
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    YKMisfit That sure was helpfull, TY!

    I've been planning a similar farming route as you designed, so it'll be easy to change to yours.

    Small diferences are: I'm farming the 2 Geonosians in Cantina, as soon as they are over, I'll go back to FO. My KRU is at 330 shards total, I just didn't spend the credits to upgrade him, because right now, he's no use to me, and the money has to go to getting CLS.

    FOO is at the same state, and I'm farming Ahsoka and QGJ there to unlock GMYoda(Planning to build a Jedi team for arena). As soon as they are over, I'll start Poe.

    On squad I was farming for BH, to get them to 5*, but it showed to be a mistake, since I'm at no chance to get Chewie. I started hoarding again, will start farming now. My only question is, shouldn't Ackbar come first?

    Should I farm the SF Tie Fighter?

    Hard nodes are the most difficult ones. RT I'm leaning to a farm on the guild store more than the HN. And FO Storm is really necessary?
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    I suggested Asajj first because you can get Ackbar in the fleet store as well, whereas Asajj can’t be found anywhere else. You can be farming them both until Asajj is done, then you’ll have a big head start on Ackbar when you switch to him in squad arena. Plus, you need her gear level to be much higher than you need AA’s so unlocking her early gives you more time to gear while you farm up the whole team.

    That’s my thinking behind it anyway. If you feel it’s better to do Ackbar first, I don’t see the harm.

    SF is a great toon, and the answer really depends on how much currency you get and what you plan to use your FO for afterward. I feel like the best FO team for the HAAT is KRU/FOE/FOST/FOO/Kylo, but you could definitely replace Kylo with SF. I also suggested Phasma because she’s quick to get and it’ll ensure you can get BB8 at 7* in case you don’t get FOST done in time.

    I’d be farming RT’s node wherher you get him from the guild store or not. Both methods are a grind and any chance to speed it up will help. But how mant NH farms you do at one time all depends on how many refreshes you’re able to do each day. If you’re doing a lot of them and you have lots of guild currency, by all means, skip RT’s node. But it’s an important toon no matter what Resistance lead you’re running
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    Thanks for the help!
  • AgusFP1
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    This is what I use:
    Normaly I can get top 5 using CLS in phase 1 and all my other teams in phase 2.
    Absolutly worth it for me
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    ABC is probably the easiest farm for big dmg in haat. Bb8 is key unfortunately as he keeps buffs on everyone and keeps them from being one shotted. But you may be able to do decent dmg in p3 without him as tbe tmr from cls is really the key to that phase. But p4 will kill you as soon as you come out of a topple if you are buffless and that is hard to maintain without bb8 or hoda.

    But my best advice it to farm ackbar, asajj, and thrawn and throw in another tmr toon until you get bb8 and focus your efforts on p3.
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    Thx for the advice! Unfortunately, bb8 is far from my grasp at this round.


    Yeah, I'm farming AA for now, then Assajj. I already have Thrawn, I think i'll try the ABC with Rex in the place of BB8. Not the same thing, but hopefully, it can do some damage.
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