Future of character releases

As new characters are released for free to play being placed in either hard mode battles or cantina nodes what will happen when no nodes are available to place character shards? While some older toons have more than one location in every area (like lando with 2 cantina battles) which can be reworked to fit new characters eventually down the road there will be no locations for new toon shards to be farmable. While the dev's have stated that shops like cantina and galactic war will no longer be earning new shards where will new characters go?


  • Same as before. Add new levels to Cantina and Light and Dark Side battles.
  • new shop, currency earned from LS/DS battles/hard nodes. New store from a currency generated from mod battles. new store with currency generated from fleet battles. more crystal shipments. more guild store. more fleet. more from shard store.

    Lots of easy places to create to put new characters.
  • Nauros
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    There's still the ship and guild store, those aren't officially dead and we even got Yolo in guild store recently. The competition with gear and zetas stinks, but that's what we have right now...
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • Yolo?
  • Nauros
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    swgohfan1 wrote: »

    Young Solo
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • Ok thanks
  • Kyno
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    Considering they have also been replacing toons with multiple locations, we are a ways off from them running out of nodes to put them on.
  • Dk_rek
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    this all depends on the games lifespan.... Historically Mobile games only last so long...so the question is if the STAR WARS brand is strong enough to keep this game going for another 5 years I hope so but history is history....hopefully we can keep this thing going for a while
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