Request to rework Galactic War for long-time players

Maybe I'm totally alone on this, but here goes nothing:
I think it's great that Galactic War becomes simmable once you've beaten it a certain number of times (is it 150?). The only problem is: Galactic War was one of my favorite parts of the game (ignoring for the moment that the difficulty level tended either way high or way low, depending on where you stood in the game). What I liked about it was that it was at least slightly reminiscent of the things I loved about old-school games like Empire at War, and the Galactic Conquest mode of the original Battlefront games (look it up, kids). What I would love to see is a new game mode (preferably single-player focused) that really brings that to fruition: a persistent boardgame-style map with area control mechanics & resource management, incorporating Fleets & Squads in a more complex & thematic way like the above-mentioned games. And since adding a new game mode to a game already saturated with raids, events, and daily tasks might be a bit much--maybe this would be an opportunity to revamp Galactic War into a meaningful game mode for players who've graduated to that level.
I realize that this would be a complex programming task, and that I'm dreaming a bit here--but I feel like there must be loads of players like myself who enjoy the game, but after playing for (years?) are looking for something new: a reason to stick with the game once you've done everything a thousand times (and by new, I don't mean new toons, or "new" events that are just more of basically the same squad vs. squad duke-it-outs). I've thought about this before, but I'm revisiting the idea now after seeing a video by Warrior (w/ Nukin) where he ran through GW with artificial constraints, which, if I have free time, I'll sometimes do similarly by restricting myself to my weakest toons (which is also a great way of familiarizing myself with lesser-used characters.) The point being: maybe there's a craving out there among players besides myself to bring some fun back into a basically retired game mode. Any thoughts?


  • I would like to see difficulty ramped up for players who can sim the nodes. It would make it more challenging like before.
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