Checkup on the Sith Triumvirate Raid

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Hi Holotable Heroes!

We launched a ton of changes to the Sith Triumvirate recently and we want to know how it went for you! Did your Guild manage to step up to the next tier? Are you completing the raids faster?

These changes were overshadowed a bit by some other big announcements (looking at you Chewie...) but we want to check in now that you have had some time to play with the changes. We are still monitoring how Guilds are progressing in this raid but we want to hear directly from you!

Here are the patch notes for reference.
  • What GP is your Guild?
  • What tiers did your Guild try?
  • How long to complete those Tiers (1,2,3... or Heroic)?
  • Did you feel like you received better rewards for completing the Raid? (Not factoring in the shorter time to complete)
  • Do you feel your Guild is able to grow to be able to beat the next tier in the future?
  • Which change did you like the most?
  • Which change did you like the least?
  • How has your overall experience changed since the update?

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