Server Update 10/04/2018

Hi Holotable Heroes!
Today, 10/04/2018, we’re pushing a Server Update to address several existing bugs. You may need to reboot your client as we roll out this update across devices.

  • Player's unable to access quests will now be able to. Player's that had partial progress on the Health Stat Mod Challenge quest (complete tier 1, complete tier 3, collect 15 health mods) will have their progress reset.
  • Fixed a crash issue with Mod Loadouts still containing sold mods.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incomplete Combat Missions to be playable after the zone/phase was complete.

You can find the list of Known Issues here.
Note: We have added a bug to the Known Issues list that we discovered a couple days ago with Nightsister Zombie in the Sith Triumvirate Raid. With our recent rework of Nightsister Zombie, underneath the hood, she’s the first character that can have a negative stat that the Sith Raid version of Nihilus can copy (technically, her speed is negative when she has two negative speed stacks from Endless Horde). There was a bug we overlooked with Darth Nihilius in P1 of the raid. Nihilus “steals” players Offense, Defense, and Speed and he was “stealing” the negative speed that Zombie has. This caused him to also have negative speed, which prevents him from taking a turn. Clearly, this causes issues and was not intended. We are planning to fix this specific issue in the scheduled update next week.
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